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Not A Lot Of ‘Hope’ For Shepard Fairey [30 PHOTOS]

Even if you don’t know the guy’s name, you’ve seen his work. Shepard was the artist behind Obama’s “Hope” poster… well kind of. You see, Shepard was accused by the Associated Press of using one of their photographs for his work. They sued. To stymie the lawsuit, Shepard tried to create/destroy electronic records and documents to say that he wasn’t guilty of copyright infringement. He was caught. Now instead of paying a fine, Shepard is going to jail for up to six months. His mugshot was released today in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.

Since none of us is going to be seeing his new work for some time now, we decided to merge his mugshot with the app (above). Also included are some hilarious Obama “Hope” memes and some additional work of Shepard’s. Enjoy below.

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