Danica Patrick Still Drives Us Crazy At Age 30 [20 PHOTOS]

I’m just as sick of those GoDaddy commercials as you are, but that has nothing to do with Danica Patrick. In fact, she’s just about the best reason to care about NASCAR. Think about it… an attractive woman competing against a bunch of men who don’t think she’s got any chance of winning. If they’re right, she still makes more than most of them by modeling. If they’re wrong? Well then they just got their man card revoked. Today she’s hoping to celebrate her 30th birthday by winning the Sprint Cup at Fontana. Check out why she’s got everyone so hot under the hood below.



    1. […] think she’s got any chance of winning. If they’re right, she still makes m… Click to read more Via: Danica Patrick Still Drives Us Crazy At Age 30 [20 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    2. […] think she’s got any chance of winning. If they’re right, she still makes m… Click to read more Via: Danica Patrick Still Drives Us Crazy At Age 30 [20 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

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    4. […] Danica Patrick turns 30, still the hottest thing to happen to NASCAR ever. – [CoedMagazine] […]

    5. […] Danica Patrick turns 30, still the hottest thing to happen to NASCAR ever. – [CoedMagazine] […]

    6. LCL4 says:

      You go right ahead and be sick but I am puzzled by why. Jealous? Can't drive as well as she can? maybe you wish you could rock a bikini and stilettos as well as she can. Yes, her looks and business acumen provides a leg up when it comes to getting sponsors and with sponsors comes the best equipment … but at the end of the race she still has to deliver.

    7. SmokinLamb says:

      Why does it say "Even at age 30"?

      1. Ned says:

        It doesn’t.

      2. SmokinLamb says:

        Yup it sure does. The opening link to this page, not that I have a problem with it, it is an age joke type thing. However, I wouldn't have mentioned it if it wasn't there. Thanks for trying though Ned.

      3. nycbass says:

        Word, well any link that takes you here is out of our hands. That's why I was confused. Sorry homie. But seriously, am I the only one who hates her Go Daddy commercials?

      4. MAD_CELT says:

        NO… We All Hate the "Go Daddy" Commercials because They Are So Damn Stupid. If They Paid Me That Much to Be in them I'd Take the Money & Run too.

    8. FartboyNYC says:

      Danika Patrick is so crazy hot and sexy its ridiculous! I want to lick her clean after she had been sweating the day in a race and beg her to fart in my face!!!

      1. sam says:

        well i wouldnt go as far as getting farted on but the list of this i would do to her is near infinate !

    9. K Mills says:

      White people are so age obsessed!! She is f'n insanely hot for age 18!!! I know ladies over 40 that are super hot and they'll make most young chics look below average.

      1. LEe Nichol says:

        She is 30 not 18, but yes she is a hottie!!

      2. Chelsie says:

        amen to that. like being age 30 suddenly sticks you in the unable to be hot bracket! I still looked hot at age 30 and now at age 37, I am not too shabby. might not have my rock hard body like I did at 20 but I look younger than most 25 year olds. thank god for the Asian in me. lol

      3. nycbass says:

        I'm sure the Asian is pretty thankful too. Ba-doom-pshh

      4. MAD_CELT says:

        So… Where Did The RACIST Comment Come From.??? What a Troglodyte You Must Be.

    10. I wish I could be with her, in that 57 Chevrolet (believe it or not I have a 54, it’s pretty cool, too).lol would be indescribably, incredible. Where would you take her, if she let you take her out somewhere, & what a lucky (bleep bleep) that guy would be (if he I am getting ready to read more about her in my latest, ‘ESPN magazine… she’s on the cover;))) Just want the moment to be just right when I read it. I like reading my ESPN's outside, on the porch-swing, when it's not so hot outside. & I like to take my time now, since I am all caught up now.

      1. Salutation: Sorry Danica; I didn't know you had a husband, but I do now. “ESPN's Janet Reitman”, wrote that, ‘Paul Hospenthal’, is in fact the husband of the race car driver, Danica Patrick.
        So sorry, but the 2 thumbs down I got here, why would you do that to this comment? There are way worse comments (so to speak of), & I used to cruise around in my 73 Duster, & had plenty of good looking ladies go out with me before, IN THAT CAR, & remember the times.
        two thumbs down people, get a life!

      2. MAD_CELT says:

        Dude… You Do Know that She has been Married for 3 Years Already.

    11. LEe Nichol says:

      WOW Danica sure looks hot & sexy, but not cheap. She is a real deal and a good driver too. Keep the tires on the payment & be careful.

    12. zxdcv says:

      Danica is so overrated. She's just an average-looking chick who sucks at what she does. Move on already.

      1. shaggy says:

        na mean shes pretty hot

      2. MAD_CELT says:

        She is better looking than EVERY Woman You have ever known AND She Would Bitch-Slap You on Any Track. Take Your 3 inch Willy & go back to Your Chinese Skin Mags.

    13. Road Runner says:

      Well, give her credit for going 200 plus miles an hour in open wheel, but she's got al ong way to go in NASCAR. she beats the back yard garage guys in Nationwide only because she's got a HEndrick's car. In SPrint series, the only way she beats the good guys is if they wreck.

      As for her looks- nice hair, that's it.

      1. MAD_CELT says:

        The ONLY Mistake She Made Was Choosing to Drive in "NECK-CAR" Where ALL the Fans Are In-Bred Cousins, Half of Whom Never Wore Shoes 'til They Was All Growed Up. They Started as "Moonshiners" and Never Evolved.

    14. Bainhameen says:

      She's like a 7 and a half, tops?

      1. MAD_CELT says:

        This Rating from someone Who is a THREE… Maybe.

    15. theNewDanger says:

      OMG she is so ordinary. There are women who cause you to do a double take, there are some women who you'd pay a complement to, and there are some women you'd forget you met who worked three cubicle aisles over when you first started your job. Of those three groups of women, Danica is a man. No thanks. Now, Stacy Dash … she aged well and looks better at nearly 50 than Danica did when she first started driving Indy cars. And Danica is barely 30 and doesn't deserve this much press.

      1. MAD_CELT says:

        If YOU Had one tenth of Danica's Talent and 1/100th of Her Beauty… We Still Wouldn't Pay Attention to You. You Are Just a Whiny Wanna-Be Who Danica or Stacy Would Not Notice if You Were in a Crowd of ONE.

    16. TheJoeGreene says:

      She's got a pathetic body, she's got no talent, she's an obnoxious bitch of the highest order, and she's only attractive to those who share the same fetish as Jerry Sandusky.

      1. MAD_CELT says:

        You Really NEED to Look Up the Word "Pathetic"… I am Sure that there is a Photo of YOU Right Next to it. Ha, Ha, Ha.!!! You Are Such a JERK.!!! Danica Would Not Ever Give You the Time of Day.!!! Danica Will Make More Money Just for Racing at Fontana than You Made in the Last 5 Years, Loser. AND… I Love That She Has the Grapes to Chase Down a Driver After He Made Her Go Into the Wall, Pull His Skanky Butt Out of His Ride and Wallop Him… Now That's a Real Woman.

    17. buttnut says:

      How the hell do you look at the pictures this site sucks.

      1. nycbass says:

        You click that little arrow thingy. Or you can also click the pictures. They're the pretty bright things that don't look like text or white background.

      2. f1isbetteranyway says:

        That doesn't work.

      3. nycbass says:

        What browser are you guys using? Unlike a bunch of other sites, we actually do a lot a debugging and any information you provide would be super helpful to you and everyone else having difficulties

    18. Tommy says:

      Looks pretty darn good to me !

    19. tonya says:

      To the men on here that think Danica is average looking or less than, don't worry, I'm sure she won't be pursuing you. hahaha

    20. Mark says:

      There are women (Jennifer Aniston,Brooke Burke, Denise Richards, Jennifer Lopez, Shania Twain… name a few) that are way hotter than Patrick and are 10-15 years older, so I fail to see what being 30 has to do anything. Most women look their best between 35 – 40 so chances are she will only get better

      1. GetSirius says:

        Most women look best between 35-40??? Yeah right please tell me what planet these wormen are on because they are certainty not on this one!! I'll take a 23 year old over a 40 year old any day! Most women do not age well, at all!!! Get your eyes checked!!!

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