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This Stop Motion Music Video Is The Ultimate Head Trip

I’m hungover as balls from Lepre-Con, but I was able to find the perfect video for my current state of mind. It was created by Marc Donahue and Sean Michael Williams – the duo behind Permagrin Films – and features tracks from Jay-Z and Kid Cudi. Since my brain’s moosh, I’ll let the artists tell you what’s up. “Dream Music, Part 1 is a creative video we both made on the fly. There was no real purpose to the video but to experiment with different camera techniques, have a good time, and blow the minds of the viewers. What a little brainstorming can do;) Please contact us if you would like to be in any of our future videos. We plan on making a bunch of these.” We’re lookin’ forward to them, guys.

Check out Permagrin on Facebook and their official website

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