16 Darlings of the Daytona 500 [Photos]

When you think of the Daytona 500 (that really big NASCAR race February 26th), the rational mind probably won’t jump to images of Kate Upton, Marissa Miller, Amanda Beard, or Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as fans of the event. Sure, there are a few toothless female fans of the sport, even Kenny Powers will be representing at Daytona this year but you would be wrong in thinking those were the only kind. Not only are the aforementioned models and celebrihotties fans of the event, they’ve even gotten in on the action. Their jobs have ranged from waving the starting flag, to being Grand Marshalls, to just flat out supporting their husbands or boyfriends behind the wheel. By the time you’re done checking out the ladies below, Danica Patrick will be the last woman on your mind.

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    2. mojokat99 says:

      I keep hearing that half of NASCAR fans are women, but you wouldn't think so by looking at "articles" like this or the commercials run during races.
      Hello??? Does anybody care???

      1. teamruybal says:

        Not looking to me like they do care, and yes, there are many women that are sports fans.

    3. vlocal says:

      what the crap is this!
      I watch the race ONLY FOR THE RACE. not for the tramps!! RUINED IT! Freaking RUINED IT! there is other interesting things than another half naked woman. come on, freaking seriously. WE SEE 100000000000 of half naked women, all look the same! SERIOUSLY. NASCAR, YOU SUCK NOW.

      1. splat3 says:

        You sir, are a stuffed shirt. Go with the times, if beautifil ladies offend you then get your eyes examined.
        I believe they als make a show in boxing rings,football games,basketball games and even baseball games. I am saying that you are a dinosqaur sir!!! with all due respecrt. I rest my case!!!!

    4. NJRightWinger12 says:

      Wow-now I know half the reasons why people watch NASCAR-the other reason is the chance for a spectacular car wreck! Why else?

    5. luvracing says:

      Thank You Krissie Newman for keeping your clothes on proving you don't have to take it off to be beautiful. Ashamed at Nascar. Remember you do have kids as you fans too. Don't need to have to
      stand over my son as he gets on to make sure he doesn't see T&A. Come on!

      1. this is isn't

      2. teamruybal says:

        You're right…not…it's worse…I ended up here from FOXSPORTS. Seems like everyone thinks men don't like sports, they only like to look at girls with barely anything on. I guess it's up to the real men to advise otherwise. A big thank you to all of those wonderful men that do.

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