Melissa Giraldo for Phax vs. Johanna Lundback for Nelly [PHOTOS, POLL]

Here are two ladies and two swimsuit companies I’ve never heard of or seen before. Melissa’s a Colombian model who was voted on to BroBible’s 100 Hottest Blonde Lingerie Models list. She appears to be the face (and body) of Phax. Meanwhile, Swedish sensation Johanna Lundback reps Nelly – not the rapper from the Lou but the “2011 E-Commerce business of the year.” A lot of elements going into your decision – blonde vs. brunette (or is that black hair), Colombia vs. Sweden, Neal’s first ex-wife vs. his second. Check out each girl’s case then vote in the poll at the bottom.

Melissa Giraldo for Phax (40 photos)

Johanna Lundback for Nelly (35 photos)

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