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Frat Dude Interviews Whitney Houston’s Porn Doppelganger at the AVN Expo [VIDEO]

You thought we were done showing the sexcapades of Jared Freid aka The Frat Dude at the AVN Expo, but you were dead wrong, my man. Sure we saw him on the red carpet and interacting with fans and vendors, but now we get to the good stuff – the porn stars. In this installment, J-Train talks with legend Ron Jeremy and a host of smoking hot actresses, NONE of whom I can name, which frankly is disturbing considering the amount of adult film I watch. If you think I don’t care, I do. It’s about the emotional connection just as much as the physical. Anyway, did ya catch the Whitney Houston porn doppelganger? Not knowing her name is most upsetting of all. We got called “racist” for mixing up Jamie Chung with Michelle Waterson – you be the judge – and I even mistook Selena Gomez for Vanessa Hudgens. I dunno, take a look at the side by side and tell me otherwise…

She also looks a little like the liquor store cashier from Superbad.

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Video produced by Slugriders Productions. Music by Luis Almau.



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