36 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Were Scientologists [PHOTOS]

Last night, as I was watching “30 Rock” I saw what I thought was a parody of a commercial for the Church of Scientology. My smile and anticipatory chuckle slowly faded away as I realized that this was an ACTUAL promotional spot for the controversial religion. I honestly still can’t believe they aired that. NBC must be hurtin’. With tomorrow (2/18) being the anniversary of the first “Church” establishment in LA, I thought I’d direct your attention to the 36 most notable celebrity scientologists that you most likely didn’t know dabbled in thetans and whatnot. We know about Cruise, Travolta, and their significant others (Kidman, Holmes, Preston), so they’re not included. Check out the list (along with the full version of the ad) and let me know if I missed anyone in the comments.



    1. shamwow101 says:

      Actor Larry Anderson..soap actor Michael Fairman,Placido Domingo Jr ,Kate Bornstein,Isaac Hayes,Diana Canova,Milton Katselas,Nicky Hopkins( all former members )

      Stacy Francis X Factor soap actresses Michelle Stafford Sharon Case , Grant Cardone Jenna Elfman (bring on the crazy!) Lynsey Bartilson,Jennifer Aspen,Karen Black,Nancy Cartwright,Crazy Jeff Conaway,, Chick Corea, Mark Isham ,Louis Farrakhan (Yep Louie Is a Kool Aid drinker!) ,Geoffrey Lewis (Juliette's kooky Father)Chris Masterson (Malcolm in the Middle)Sofia Milos,Haywood Nelson,Michael Richards,Judy Norton Taylor,Giovanni Ribisi,Billy Sheehan,Lee Purcell,Vivian Kubrick,(current )

      1. about half the people you mentioned are in the photo gallery – did you actually click through it? I'm gonna go with 'no'.

      2. shamwow101 says:

        about half? where did you learn to count….I see what ya did thar…lets grossly exaggerate-then toss insult "I made a mistake maybe 2 names out of 30 posted " a long way off from HALF One can only assume you ran out of fingers and toe to count once you hit two.

      3. stevenfbrackett says:

        6 but who is counting

    2. thurston4more says:

      If I get to Heaven & find out I have to be a lizzard or bug or crustation…I am really going to be pissed!
      Personally, between this & the Antient Alien show…I don't know what or whom to believe any more!
      Thank God for Jesus! -who is also shaking his head…LOL
      Too Blue in a Too Red State! (sorry for misspelled words=still no pill for Dyslexia!)

    3. stevenfbrackett says:

      The only ones I didn't know about were the people I have never heard of.

      I am more surprised that you were able to find so many sleazy, tacky pictures.

    4. gft77 says:

      To be perfectly honest I think Scientology is a way for many homosexual celebrities to hide and when alligations come out that they may be that way, the church fights back. Being a homosexual myself, I obviously see nothing wrong with it, but celebs like tom cruise, john t, and others probably think hollywood wouldn't come knocking if they were outed.

    5. joules72 says:

      I don't think that pic is of Bijou Phillips, it looks more like Busy Phillips.

    6. MourningMJ says:

      Who the f*** cares about Scientology anyway? It's a made up religion. L. Ron Hubbard said the fastest way to make money is to create a "religion"- and so he did. Alot of people make up "religions" and baptize themselves ministers, bishops, and all kinds of other absurd titles and collect for fake "Building Funds" (in the words of Steve Harvey).

      It would be interesting to see a religion dedicated to "Stupidology". Studies show that it would yield a bigger following than Scientology.

      1. lrh says:

        All religions are made up by man to control the masses.

      2. JMS says:

        In reply to Irh: True, religions are man made but each religion has a principal core belief and base their faith and religion around said belief. Scientology has never had that. L Ron Hubbard didn't want to pay income tax. Point blank. He knew churches aren't taxed; so he made his own. He fancied himself a science fiction writer and based his new tax-free "church" around 1 of his very BAD science fiction stories.

    7. AquaClara says:

      Many of those on this list are not active participants in the cult but continue paying lip service, largely out of fear. Scientology's "confidential" auditing files are only kept confidential for members in good standing. Piss the cult off and every grimey personal detail in those folders becomes "Fair Game" to be used to destroy the reputation of the ex member. That and the threat of disconnection from family members and other loved ones is an effective means of keeping members in check. Still, many have left and spoken out in spite of the many repercussions that they faced for having done so.

      Scientology Fair Game Doctrine:

      ENEMY: SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

      — HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967, Issue IV, L. RON HUBBARD

      I'm surprised that their OSA bots haven't turned up here in the comments section yet. Like everything else in their cult, they've been slowing down. They'll be along to turn up the crazy any time now though, that much is certain.

      1. snoopstyle says:

        hahah cant wait till they turn up the crazy hahaha

    8. Lynne says:

      The only "Celebrities" (I) Didn’t Know Were $cientologists were Jim Meskimen and Marisol Nichols, and that's only because I don't know who they are. And the long list of "formers" could simply mean they got conned into attending a meeting.

      1. CMS says:

        No, most were intimately involved for many years.

    9. TheodoreB says:

      Is there a valid reason why every female in this gallery is practically buck naked? Both men and women are human beings, and should be treated as such – not as slabs of meat.

    10. pjs says:

      These are people who are actually agnostic, and to the public they think , well it would be better for my money making career to say I am into Scientology rather than, I see no God and I do not believe he exists, that is just my opinion.

      1. spaes says:

        I am laughing cause there was only a couple that are even current lol. I loved the guys book battlefield earth, would I make him my religion?? hell no! just goes to show hollyweird lol

    11. theuglyfringe says:

      So the last 10 are "former members" so your list is 26 not 36.

    12. Vicks says:

      What a skewed photo gallery! The photos of men, in their suits, ties, overcoats, tee-shirts, sweaters etc.. Look vastly different from EVERY female pic, women in pools half naked, on sofas half naked. Bending over, looking up, looking down etc..could the editor be a Pervy creep? For sure

    13. ang says:

      It's definitely a pic of Busy Phillips

    14. cari says:

      Is it any wonder, being all those listed are riding the crazy train most of their career? It's easier to manipulate their weak minds. And more of them are 'former' than noted. Do some homework.

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