Duke Sucks! (The Book) [PLUS 18 FUNNY PHOTOS]

As I was putting together WTFark Wednesday, I found this headline that simply read, “Duke Sucks, the book”, which was filed under “Obvious”. The link took me to a NewsObserver story about an interview UNC Now had with one of the authors of a newly released book that is covered in hate sauce for the Blue Devils basketball program. Co-authors Andy Bagwell and Reed Tucker, both UNC alumni, touch upon the inhuman qualities of Coack K and even liken the Durham-based institution to the 1% percent. The title was published on January 31, but they had to rush to re-print because it sold out so quickly. To get you in the mood for purchase, we pulled together this gallery of “Duke Sucks” pics, which you can find at the bottom of the post.

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