The Cast of Home Improvement: Then and Now

“Some kid got arrested for smokin’ doobs. What an idiot. Here are some old washed up actors who used to be famous ion [sic] the mid-90’s. One is dead.” That’s what Steve wrote for the intro to this article. I honestly don’t know that I could possibly improve upon that. It’s pure genius. Solid, thorough, and professional. I mean it’s got everything you need to know. No stones left unturned. No questions left unanswered. In case you’re wondering it was Taran Noah Smith who was arrested for DUI and possession of pot. You’re welcome. Check out pics of the cast from then and now then vote for the tool time girl you’d rather screwdrive – Debbie Dunning or Pamela Anderson.

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor Accident Reel

Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor Grunt-Squeal



    1. Alex- University of South Carolina says:

      Quite possibly the best intro ever featured ion [sic] COED. Nice one, Neal.

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