Kate Upton Ups The Ante for Beach Bunny’s Deep Blue 2012 Campaign [17 PHOTOS]

(I coulda made a blue balls joke there but I took the high road). Kate Upton‘s picking up where she left off in 2011 with another sexy set of red hot pics for Beach Bunny swimwear, this time for “The Deep Blue” Spring / Summer 2012 collection, which sounds like Jacky Handey meets IBM. Rumor also has it that she’ll be starring in a Carl’s Jr. ad (that will run at the end of February). She’s reaching Candice Swanepoel status in terms of saturation levels, but I don’t think you can shove enough of her in my face for me to complain. And she’s only 19 and taller than me in heels (usually a no-no for me, but there are exceptions to every rule).

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