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2nd Trashiest Spring Break Destination in America: Key West, FL

Maybe it’s the fact that Key West is the southernmost inhabitable place in the lower 48 states or that its claims to have never had a frost, but this place is a continuous party. During the high Spring Break season, open container laws are not enforced – this is coming from the Chief of Police. One of the must-see destinations is the Garden of Eden bar. It’s a clothing optional bar, which means that you get to keep your sh*t on while you check out the few girls who are either too old to care or not attractive enough to warrant an audience. Apparently at night it turns into a house music scene, but for the best of that, head to Aqua which is a “wonderfully LGBT-friendly place.” It’s a safe bet that everyone will end up at Fat Tuesdays though, because that’s what Spring Breakers do.


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