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Hot Asian Chick Paints Yao Ming Using a Basketball [VIDEO]

This video of an Amasian (amazing Asian) sensation comes to us via Gizmodo. The girl’s YouTube Name is OhISeeRED and according to her profile, she’s an artist who loves to paint, but without a paintbrush. Red is her nickname (she needs to battle Morgan Freeman’s character from Shawshank Redemption), she was born and raised in Borneo and has lived in Australia the past 8 years. She states she’ll “be doing some art pieces with strings, bread, ice-cubes, newspaper, and fried eggs.” Okay, so she paints a body with her body that’s only covered by a g-string using ice cubes then brings another body to make it a hot girl sandwich. That’s sure to make headlines. Hopefully, when she sees red, it’s not rage but more lust-inspired.

For more of Red, check out her Facebook | Twitter | YouTube.

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