Just Chinese Soldiers Playing Hot Potato With A Live Grenade [VIDEO]

We’re still questioning the validity and authenticity of this video. We know military training is intense, you have a drill sergeant up your @ss, the guy who looks like Private Pyle has a twitch in his eyelid, and you want to puke at all times. But playing hot potato with a live f*cking grenade? That’s bananas. Yet it’s a standard training exercise for soldiers in the People’s Liberation Army of China. The joint leap in unison at the end gives this a Benny Hill / Monty Python type feel. We have the most powerful military in the world, but I’m not down with playing children’s games with deadly weapons.



    1. stev1us says:

      what? are you blind? the last guy, in the second scene, doesnt even drop the "explosive" in the hole – it hits the ground outside of it…guy is on the left.


    2. Maximiliaanvdv says:


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