Amy Willerton Is The Next Katie Price aka Jordan? [PHOTOS, POLL]

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So, I’ve been a big fan of Katie Price from the moment I saw her and even though most people would lump her into the broad-sweeping category of “Busty British Glamour Model”, I’d like to think she has a look and persona all her own. So, imagine my bone-popping surprise when I come into the office today and read Egotastic’s article that she has a protege. In my mind, I’m thinking, “No way. That’s literally UNpossible” and then I kick my own d*ck for sounding like a doosher. Anyway, Amy is 19 years old and is Miss Bristol 2010. She once fled a pageant because she refused sex with the judges for votes. Strike 1, Amy – Katie would’ve mowed those f***ers down with her tots and sucked the life force out of them. Lesson learned. What do you think? Check out her pics then vote in our poll.

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