14 Reasons Why Philadelphia Has The Worst Fans In Sports

GQ named Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies fans as the Worst Sports Fans in America. While you won’t find the 76ers fan base on many worst lists, the Flyers faithful aren’t too friendly either. So, with a city that’s known for its hooliganism and thuggery, it should come as no surprise that after the Winter Classic, a bunch of Flyers fan beat a Rangers fan motionless. The kicker? That Rangers fan was a Marine vet who won the Purple Heart. Awesome. Here are more reasons why they’re the worst.

[UPDATE: Philly fans are passionate, there’s no question about that. You’ve provided a bunch of valid instances of other pro sports teams’ fans acting out, however, no one has provided me with a greater number of instances. Oakland’s bad. NYC’s bad. But not to the extent of Philly’s. The city’s teams still have a fair amount of “good” fans, but the fan base has earned this reputation for the acts of a few. Sucks, but that’s the reality.

Also, I love how the fans think I’m a doctor because I went to Johns Hopkins. Talk about stereotyping. Or is that the lesson here? If so, you’re smarter than I give you credit for. Good work]



    1. ynotflyers says:

      L A , San Fran, surely you read, or did you miss baseball season….??

      1. agreed that Oakland's got some pretty awful fans, but they're not THE worst.

      2. megdrum says:

        It should also be noted after the WC, with the fight at Geno's, you can clearly see a Flyers fan trying to break up the fight, & witnesses said he was applauded by Rangers fans.

        Here's a little gem that recently happened at a Pittsburgh Penguins game, two men wearing Penguins jerseys beat the shit out of a PREGNANT woman and her boyfriend who were also wearing Penguins jerseys.

        Or how about the shooting at Candlestick Park? 2 injured & 1 has life threatening injuries.

        Or the Giants fan beaten by Dodger's fans & he was left severly injured?

    2. ynotflyers says:

      I didn't have a problem with your article, I said facts are facts…..I just think you should make a point of giving the Good Fans a pat on the back………….that is all..stay calm….

    3. ynotflyers says:

      Hey Neal, I look forward to your next print, about how not all the Fans are total a**h**e*…and that there are other Fan Bases (perhaps not as bad) that are also guilty of similar acts. The real fans in all sports aren't ever in the spotlights, you only hear them. It's the bad apples that get the print and keep you writers working….Nothing against you….facts are facts, but Philly is by no means the only place this happens, but it is the first place that gets the Headline.As a Philly Fan I would like to see those guys who beat the Ranger Fan have to watch the Flyers from Behind Bars for the next Ten Years, or maybe even more…..Just My Opinion……….What do you think ?? T. C.

      1. this is my case for stating they're the worst. name another city with worse sports fans.

      2. eljefe9 says:

        Couldn't agree more with every Cali fan base. The violence there is second to none…which is a lot different from throwing snowballs at Santa. Also, for what its worth, your assumption that a redskin mascot was set on fire….couldn't find anything about it on the interwebs.

        I would also say DC fans are the worst, not because of any shenanigans but because they are the least knowledgeable fan base regardless of the sport.

      3. pmyersjr says:

        Oh and don't forget those Ranger fans instigated that fight outside Ginos. Not saying it's right – just saying sometimes you get what you ask for.

    4. […] 14 Reasons Why Philadelphia Has The Worst Fans In Sports – check out #14! Share this Article […]

    5. edlib111 says:

      Neal you are a total hack of writer and D-BAG who took the easy route and wrote about every old story out there and rather weakly. Some of these are just flat out lies #4 is a joke. You want me to believe and feel bad that someone in 1949 through a beer bottle? What? 1949!!!! That happens in every city in bars, stadiums, and colleges. #6 I never heard of so it is NOT true. #8 Come on Neal every time a wanna be writer writes something about Philadelphia it comes out. You have no idea of the real story and just go off of others. Pretty pathetic even for a college site. #10 Now where getting blamed for things that happened in other stadiums. #12 You should have wrote " One time this guy told me" as the heading cause that was complete shit. In short Neal we in Philadelphia are tired of nobody writers trying to make a name for themselves by coping the template of how bad philly fans are. If I was your editor I would have laughed in your face and fired you cause your not ready for the big show buddy. And at least we never KILLED anyone. Try being orignal and write about that. Neal YOU SUCK sincerely Philadelphia.

      1. Typical Filthadelphia response. You just proved why your city's sports fans are the worst.

      2. edlib111 says:

        Well Neal thanks for that typical one line no ability to write or think for your self response. And Neal I just proved I know more about the subject and am a better writer than you. Stick with what your good at copying others.

      3. You've proven you didn't even read the article. The beer bottle throwing cost the Phils a game. Who knows what would've happened had the game continued. I'm the Editor-in-Chief, Hoss. Where's your POS blog, tough guy?

      4. edlib111 says:

        Neal it's 1949 I live in Philadelphia and I never heard the story so the people who should care and would don't and who cares what could have happened. I'm not a blogger or a computer tough guy just a simple philly fan voicing my opinion.

      5. jadewil7 says:

        Filthadephia? I can’t believe someone would be cruel enought to say that about a city. Just because on a few occasions there were drunk fans doesn’t mean were a bad city. You can say that about any team. Don’t count a few people’s actions and make the whole city look bad! And really Filthadephia? Were the foundation of this nation. We made freedom and rights. We made an amendment under the constitution that all men were created equal. We put an end to slavery. Don’t ever insult this city like that ever again. We have done so much and a few drunk fans aren’t going to ruin our reputation just because a bored guy named Neal decided to trash the whole birthplace of what was created today in America. You think that was deep that’s because it’s true! And the biggest shock is I’m only 13. Your a grown college student so please try to grow up.

    6. damato333 says:

      Your “facts'” are not facts. Half of your facts don’t make many sense. What are you talking about philadelphia is not the only stadium with a jail. Throwing snow balls at santa? Really? That happened in 1968, get over it. They cause their teams to lose. Were you there in 1949? How do you know what really happened. It happened in 1949. That is so long ago. The redskins mascot was never set on fire. All of the horrible things you brought up. Like the rangers fan getting beat up and the kid throwing up on the girl DO NOT represent the real philly fan. The people that are doing all these things are drunk idoits. All of your “facts” can happen in any city and does happen in a lot of cities. Try going to san diego or oakland california and not get shot for wearing the wrong jersey .

      1. define:reason (n) – A cause, explanation, or justification for an action or event.

      2. vjl1975 says:

        You might of gone to school at John Hopkins but you are dumb as sh*t. Go jerk off to the chick pics u have posted on ur thread.

      3. damato333 says:

        Only the hackiest of writers would write about this. Its the same old story philadelphia has heard for years. All of the REAL philly fans are sick of hearing it. Thanks to this sh*tty website cause I’m getting 10 emails a day about some stupid sh*t.

    7. edlib111 says:

      Neal I see a malpractice suit in your future. HACK

      1. you're just flat out dumb, dude.

      2. edlib111 says:

        Neal there no reason to start name calling sorry your not a good writer and finding out your the editor and chief wow they just give that job out huh?

      3. "Neal, THERE'S no reason to start name calling. Sorry YOU'RE not a good writer and finding out YOU'RE the Editor-IN-Chief? Wow, they just give that job out, huh?" That's what you meant to write. But thanks for playing.

      4. edlib111 says:

        Just because you have good grammar skills doesn't make you a good writer. thanks for trying though this was fun giving a kid a education.

      5. edlib111 says:

        Thanks Neal maybe english teacher would be a more suitable career.

      6. Philaguy says:

        Oh, and being the Grammar Doctor to people who disagree with your article's premise is not going to win you many fans (or people interested in reading any more of your articles).

    8. IrishOne1 says:

      Wow, what an… what's the word I'm looking for here … unnecessary "article".

      1. Adam Eaton was ridiculously overpaid and never produced. 14-18 with a 6.10 ER over 2 seasons. Granted, he should have been cheered because he did win 14 games after all and if they didn't get those wins, they might not have been in that position to win the World Series.

      2. They're bitter rivals. They also applauded as he made his way off of the field just like any other opposing team does when a visiting player is injured.

      3. Dodger Stadium had one too. I'm sure others have had similar "features".

      4. Oh a fact from 1949? VERY timely. You're really going to bring up a team in the year in which Robin Roberts and Richie Asburn played for? How is this relevant at all? I recall in 2001, the Browns fans throwing bottles and other items on the field in a game against the Jags. But of course Philly is the only team to do this.

      5. Oh they endorse killing dogs now too? Is that on the teams mission statement? Ray Lewis was involved in the stabbing death of 2 HUMANS – so does that mean that Ravens fans endorse homicide too?

      6. Flare Guns – Yeah that was just an idiot in the stands.

      7. Hate each other eh? So you've been out at a bar and have NEVER been bothered by the drunk idiot and told him to relax and he refused? Go tailgate ANY sporting event and then go inside and tell me that at any given moment there aren't 10 rows annoyed at 1 guy who won't shut up or sit down. That's how fights start in the stands between same team fans – a guy tells another guy to sit down so his kid can see and then the drunk idiot starts to swing.

      8. This Santa Claus thing is as old as dirt. Get over it.

      9. Tie Domi was the biggest POS in the league and you know what – Philly would have LOVED it if he were on the team. He instigated with the fans ALL.THE.TIME. Once again, this falls back on a drunk fan.

      10. So a fight broke out at another stadium and it's Philly's fault? Give me a break Neal.

      11. That 21 year old doesn't just have a black eye – but he gave a black eye to the city when he pulled that act. He was an idiot. Put down the Four Loko, kid.

      12. The Redskins mascot was on fire huh? "Supposedly" – that's how you start this excerpt? Show me ONE article about that because I'd love to hear about this story…for the first time ever.

      13. Yep – bad moment.

      14. Beer pouring? C'monnn mannn!

      I think my response was more well put together than your…thing.

      1. Have a sense of humor, guy.

      2. IrishOne1 says:

        I do. It's just that I'm tired of reading the "Philly fans suck" story.

      3. jkootbc says:

        Fact: Philly fans suck. Embrace it.

      4. then do something about it. that's the point of this article. instead of being known as the city of brotherly hate, the good fans need to step up and squash these dirtbags who give the rest of the city a bad name. that's all. it's a bad look.

      5. IrishOne1 says:

        and it's not an attack on you, it's just the topic of the story.

    9. Smarty12345 says:

      ha, how did i know you were a new york fan. come on man, this is your job and number 12 you started with "supposedly"? this looks like a 5th grade school project thrown together the night before. you sound pathetic and jealous which actually makes me like this list. I'm sure new york has some black eyes but unlike you, the rival sports town of mine doesn't get under my skin to the point where i have to make up some un-credible list to help me sleep at night. Santa showed up sloppy drunk when he was supposed to be there for the kids, of course they threw snowballs at him. your comment about philly supporting dog killing is real professional of you. i mean really, you tried to seriously use that? oh and if i saw j.d. drew today i would throw a car battery at him. good luck with the job search

    10. Smarty12345 says:

      oh and what happened at the winter classic is horrible and those people should be put away. and i can speak for many philly fans and say i would have put the color of my jersey aside and helped those rangers fans if i was there because its the right thing to do. unfair fights like that happen all over the country and a lot of the time people do get hurt like that. its wrong but has nothing to do with a fan base. there are horrible people everywhere, even in your beloved new york.

      1. Agreed. But over the course of pro sports in philly, why is it that sort of thuggery happens so frequently? Listen, I've seen this stuff happen at Giants games, heard about it at Jets games, Mets, Yankees, there are a-holes everywhere, but that's not the point. The point is it's way more persistent in Philly. To a harsher degree. Not ALL philly fans are bad, but there are enough bad ones to give the city a bad rep. That was the point of the article. There are plenty of horrible NYC fans, but philly's the worst in my opinion. Sucks because I have a ton of friends that are philly fans and they're all awesome people.

      2. Smarty12345 says:

        well your opinion is your opinion and I'm not here to prove that we aren't the worst. but next time i wouldn't declare that an entire fan base endorses dog killing. any body that doesn't know there facts may have believed your list until they read that one. i mean, do you endorse shooting yourself in the leg? probably not

    11. megdrum says:

      Drunk Sharks fan gave a teenager with a tumor a concussion.

      Man stabbed outside Raider/Charger game.

      Another stabbing between Cali fans.

      who's the WORST now?

      1. There's no denying this kind of violence and hostility goes down in other parts of the country. That wasn't my point. California's a close second, don't get me wrong, but that's also an entire state with multiple teams/franchises. My point was over the course of pro sports in Philly, the city's got a really bad rap for the actions of some of its fans. Not all philly fans are bad. Like I've said before, I have a bunch of friends who are Philly fans and they're some of the best people I know. But when you look at their history – out of all the cities with pro sports franchises, they've done the MOST disturbing sh*t. You've provided examples but is it enough evidence to disprove my point?

      2. megdrum says:

        Let it be known that witnesses at the fight after the WC said that a Flyer's fan tried to break up the fight & was appaulleded by Rangers fans for doing so.

        Here's a gem that's been confirmed, recently at a Penguins game, two men wearing Penguins jerseys beat the shit out of a PREGNANT woman and her boyfriend, who were also wearing Penguins jerseys.

        Giants fan beating by Dogders fans, left with brain damange

        Shooting at Raiders/49ers game

        How is shooting and stabbing someone for wearing the wrong jersey not enough evidence to disprove your point? If that's not the worse than that's a joke. History is history. It's now 2012, & California definitely now takes center stage for the worst fan base.

      3. megdrum says:

        not the worst*

      4. Philaguy says:

        In one word, YES

      5. Smarty12345 says:

        Neal you can't deny that if you lived close to Cali, you wouldn't still be writing about Philly because you would be hearing all this stuff all the time, not the philly stuff you hear on New York sports talk or news. I get why you chose to write what you wrote, but this person easily proves you otherwise

    12. tastely says:

      Wow, what a douche-cracker this Neal guy is. How does this define Philadelphia sports fans by a few incidents, most of which happened over a long stretch of time? I find your logic rather insulting, not only as a Philadelphia fan, but as a writer as well.

      1. dude, just accept it. Philly's had more incidents than any other city. prove me otherwise.

      2. pmyersjr says:

        I believe burden of proof would belong to the accuser. You have failed to prove our incidents are greater than any other city's "isolated incidents". So no, no one will be accepting any of this!

    13. Smarty12345 says:

      oh and Preston and Steve Rock. Gadzooks everyone!

    14. Philaguy says:

      Sorry, Neal, but this article is an epic FAIL!
      Look the numerous responses, most of them cogent, logical ripostes to your tired, cliche-ridden anecdotes.
      Just to add to some of the replies:
      1] Meadowlands Stadium – a lot more recently than 1949, fans threw a bottle that struck a ref in the HEAD during an NFL playoff game…
      2] Vancouver – Fans riot and almost burn down the city, after Canuks lose in Stanley Cup Finals.
      3] Bryan Stow incident, not to mention numerous gang-related assaults and shootings in both San Fran and LA.

      You're not going to get too many fans writing junk like this.

      1. you, like every other philly fan that's responded, have missed the point. Those are isolated incidents, anomalies that happen once in a while. this type of behavior is frequent with philly's fans. again, they're not all bad, but they have enough of these incidents to earn a bad rep.

      2. Philaguy says:

        No, YOU have missed the point. You cannot, on one hand, point to specific incidents that have occurred over 60 + Years and claim they show some long term proof of permanent, region-wide behavior deserving of such an absurd label as "worst fans in America" while claiming that other examples from other cities or areas, like IrishOne and my responses, only reflect "isolated" incidents.

        Your New York fan bias is showing and it is neither fair nor good journalism. Don't try to excuse your shoddy and lazy reporting as an "opinion piece" or tell us to not take it seriously. Philadelphia fans are SICK and TIRED of being maligned with such undeserved labels.

        Since you claim to be a Dr. (or Medical Resident) I'll try to put it in terms you might better understand.
        One of my Grandmother's sisters died from the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918. Does this mean I am more likely to get seriously ill when I get the flu?
        For your patients' sakes, I truly hope you are a better Doctor than writer.

      3. Uh, I'm not a doctor or a medical resident. When did I EVER claim to be a doctor or a medical resident, you 'tard?

    15. Philaguy says:

      Here's Part Two:
      Counterpunching tired cliches about Philly sports fans
      Letter to the Editor
      To: Jim Nelson
      Gentlemen's Quarterly Magazine

      Booing an emaciated Santa, even booing your own players pales in significance compared with these acts of physical violence. The key fact you're clearly missing is that one can point to isolated incidents of poor fan behavior in almost every city. Unfortunately, again, you chose the easy way out.
      Now let's take a look at the other side of the equation. When rating the "worst fans in America," you surely would also have to look at the good things they do as well.
      First, Eagles and Phillies fans are incredibly loyal. When the Birds suffered through several four-win seasons, they still sold out. The Phillies have played before 123 straight sellout crowds at Citizens Bank Park. The fans' support is intense and electric. It inspires and motivates players. It literally lifts our teams.
      Ask Brian Dawkins, the ex-Eagle now with the Broncos, who are the best fans in the NFL and he will tell you there are good fans in many places, but none like ours. And, Jim, did anyone at GQ listen to star pitcher Cliff Lee when he turned down an offer of more money from the beloved New York Yankees to sign with the Phillies? This is what Cliff had to say about the "worst fans in America":
      "You can feel the volume. Every game has got an elevated feel to it compared to everywhere else. It's completely different. I don't know what the fans do to create that much more volume and excitement in the stadium, but it's definitely something extra here. I don't know what it is, but it's something they're doing. They get excited. They're passionate fans. They understand what's going on. They don't need a teleprompter to tell them to get up and cheer, to do that. No, it's exciting."
      Lastly, let's talk about the good our fans do. In the last 6 years, Eagles fans have helped raise more than $1.5 million to fight breast cancer and have donated more than 21,000 pounds of food to hunger relief organizations. Not to be outdone, in the last two decades Phillies fans have donated $11 million to help fight ALS, $800,000 last year alone. And incredibly – in what has to be an unprecedented gesture – the fans funded the creation of a 7 1/2-foot bronze statue of the Phils' beloved, now-deceased announcer Harry Kalas and presented it as a gift to the club in Harry's memory.
      "Worst fans"? Hardly. "Best fans"? Probably.

    16. orangeandblack1 says:

      Neal, it's sad but true that a handful of "fans" have given all the millions of Philly fans through the years a bad reputation. I also think it's sad that hack writers and people in the media always default to dumping on Philly when there are plenty of recent, valid sport stories they could be reporting on.
      Personally, I'm glad you've made it so clear what you think about Philly fans because we don't want you to like us, we are used to being the underdog and pride ourselves for being educated and dedicated fans unlike some bandwagon teams where any loser with a degree from Johns Hopkins could put on a jersey and call themselves a fan. (See what I did there, that's called a stereotype, but you know all about that right?)
      Finally since you're convinced that Philly fans are so terrible I would think twice about attending any game where one of our teams is playing for fear you might have a beer thrown at you or be set on fire, not because we are in fact sports terrorists but because we just want to make sure there is still a little validity to your article.
      Good luck in all you do and your pursuit of the Pulitzer Prize.

    17. RichP721 says:

      to the fuck nut author of this bullshit list. you're using out dated material. all this shit happens all over.. i see you didn't mention that fact that MSG is a shit hole of a sport/entertainment complex. or that a SF Giants fan was put in a coma by low life Dodger fans. Or that Cliff Lee's wife was cursed at, spit at, and had beer thrown at her while her husband was pitching against the Yankees while with the Rangers. That is one of the reasons he took less money to come to Philly. oh and here is a link to a fan jumping the glass to go after an entire hockey team's bench, please don't post anymore bullshit material you're a moron.

    18. edlib111 says:

      Gee Neal nice back track and if I wanna make things up I can create any number of instances for any team or city. You on the other hand choose to take a few over a timeline of 1949 to the present sprinkle in a few flat out LIES and blow them completely out of proportion. How about you substantiate most of your claims first. How many snowball fights have you been in? The only person being stereotypical here is you Neal. What did you say after my first comment you called the city filthadelphia right ? Now you want cry victim and say look I'm still right they didn't prove me wrong haha. Neal welcome to reality buddy. In the real world you have be accountable and take responsibility say you lied. Perhaps it's because your lazy and you thought no one would notice i don't know but at least I could respect you when you stuck to your guns this explanation and pandering to the fans after we called you out shows me a lot. Calling it a "stereotype" when some thinks your a doctor is a poor choice of words also using the word tart is not one I think an editor should be using. You need to stop making excuses Neal. Not a good look.

    19. edlib111 says:

      The only reality that sucks is that hack writes like you try to copy the story over and over cause it easy and people will believe it. Also you can keep your credit doesn't mean much to me.

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