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Kate Upton’s NEW Beach Bunny Video [EXCLUSIVE]

Fresh off our hang out sesh with the Queen of the internet aka Kate Upton at the PBR event last weekend comes this next level video from As you can see from our year in review, 2011 was a huge year for Kate and 2012 might be just as big. She’s our early favorite to be the SI Swimsuit cover model. If you remember correctly, her previous Beach Bunny video almost shattered the internet. Now, you can view the new one here and only here until Thursday! In it, she claims she’s a “5” without makeup while the narrator says she reminds many of Marilyn Monroe. I’m sorry, but she’s a 10 when she wakes up and completely blows Monroe out of the water. There needs to be an entire channel dedicated her and it’s all gotta be in slow-mo.

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