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2012 LSU Cheerleaders’ 112 Sexiest TwitPics and Facebook Photos

The long road to college football’s national championship has finally nearing its end as the #1 ranked LSU Tigers take on the #2 Alabama Crimson Tide in what we’re hoping won’t be a repeat of the defense-dominated matchup from the regular season. What can we say? We love offense. We also love cheerleaders as you may have noticed from our Bowl Games Cheerleader Showdown. To use a football analogy, this mega gallery of candid twitpics and facebook photos featuring the 2011-2012 LSU cheerleaders is a total blowout. We’ve already shown you what they look like on the field, now we get a stealth mountain (aka sneak peek) of their lives off it. If the Bayou Bengals can pull out the W, we can expect even more Cajun cuties showing off their pom-poms.

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