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Who Should Be Miss COED of the Year 2011? [PHOTOS, POLL]

Last year, we crowned Playboy Cyber Girl Kayla Love as our Miss COED of the Year. This year we have another 12 beautiful women vying for your vote – Heather O, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Corissa Furr, Elizabeth Marxs, Leanna Decker, Ysania Agurcia, Lara Leverence, Heather Jo Hughes, Kari Nautique, Ashley Salazar, Stephanie Turtur, and Alysha Nett. If you’re an indecisive dude like me, you’ll most likely get click anxiety and pass out. No way 12-way ties here, guys – ya gotta pick one. Make it count.


From left to right: Lara Leverence, Heather Jo Hughes, Kari Nautique

From left to right: Ysania Agurcia, Leanna Decker, Elizabeth Marxs

From left to right: Corissa Furr, Dylan Fitzpatrick, Heather O

From left to right: Ashley Salazar, Alysha Nett, Stephanie Turtur

Know a hot chick who could be Miss COED?

Submit her full name along with pics to

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