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Yvonne Strahovski Rocks Body Paint for SoBe LifeWater [PHOTOS]

Anyone who needs a lesson in marketing should pay close attention to SoBe’s LifeWater campaign. First, they got Twilight’s Ashley Greene nude and in body paint, then they got Kate Upton to milk a cow, now they’ve got Chuck’s Yvonne Strahovski naked and in body paint. I’ll be honest, never watched Chuck, but it’s ‘cuz I can’t stand the whole hottie-falling-for-a-nerd thing. That sh*t happens less than a meteor shower. Anyway, pics of Yvonne in what SoBe is calling a “skinsuit” (which makes them sound like fans of Silence of the Lambs killer Buffalo Bill) are below courtesy of Just Jared.

For more of Yvonne, follow her on Twitter.

Photo Credit: Albert Michael; Photos:

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