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    12 Comedians Who Deserve Their Own TV Shows [VIDEOS, POLL]

    It's not uncommon for stand-up comedians to make the transition from one form of media to another, be it television, movies, cartoons or even music. With comedians like Louis CK and Daniel Tosh having landed their own TV programs, it just goes to show that their versatility has allowed them to dominate the television front. But still, there are many comedians that - regardless of their incomparable talent and popularity - have yet to have a show of their very own. Which ones would we tune in to watch every week? Read on to see COED's list of 7 comedians that deserve their own television shows!

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Tops Maxim’s Hot 100… and Goes Topless [35 PHOTOS]

    Maxim recently released their highly anticipated and often highly contested and/or questioned "Hot 100" list. We often wonder how they can consistently rank Avril Lavigne above Brooklyn Decker and Miley Cyrus above Diora Baird. But, that's the beauty of beholding - "hot" is subjective and open to debate. It's tough to argue their #1 pick, though: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. When the new trailer for the third Transformers movie, we asked you who you thought was hotter, Rosie or Megan Fox. Right now, it looks like Meg's crushing it 62% to 38%. You might want to rethink your vote after seeing this photo gallery featuring her hottest handbras and sexiest sideboobs. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • 15 Funniest & Most Offensive T-Shirts From T-Shirt Hell [PHOTOS, POLL]

    It seems these days everyone and his or her respective mother are trying to start a funny t-shirt company. The top tier sites like BustedTees, SnorgTees, and Threadless continue to pump out witty and amusing tees but there's one company that spits, vomits, pisses on, shats on, and ejaculates on its competitors with its line of highly offensive, egregious, and just plain old despicable line of casual wear: T-Shirt Hell. To honor its shameless approach to pissing off anyone who can read or has functioning eyeballs, we've curated the manufacturer's most offensive and funny tees. Check 'em out then vote for the one you find most offensive / funny in our poll at the bottom of the post after the jump!

  • 10 Images You Should NEVER Search For On Google [NSFW]

    While Google Images is indeed the one of mankind's greatest inventions, and the leading cause of low workplace productivity, the search engine can be a cruel mistress given to sudden moments of vicious caprice. An innocuous image search can inexplicably result in a web page rife with the grossest, most horrifying pictures known to man, leaving you to explain to passing co-workers or family members what the hell you're looking at! But which things should you never, under any circumstance, search for in a public setting? Find out by checking out COED's list of 10 things you shouldn't search for on Google images! WARNING: THE FOLLOWING LIST IS  NSFW!

  • Facebook’s First-Ever Radio Station, WCKD

    The music scene can be a rough place for new, up-and-coming bands trying to get some exposure in a world that's already over-saturated with other artists vying for the same goal. With a lack of outlets to do so, many bands lose the ambition to keep pushing on and call the quits on their musical journey. Wicked Audio - an industry leader in headphone manufacturing and design - has heard the pleas of the despondent and have created a revolutionary new platform on Facebook that allows bands to get their moment in the spotlight - WCKD Radio. Take a listen after the jump!

  • Miss COED: Lindsey Rose [24 PICS]

    Lindsey Rose is a 20 year old girl from the northern New Jersey and studies there as well. Honestly, every time I post the Miss COED and find out that she's a student, I immediately wonder what classes she's taking. Not because I doubt her learning aptitude or drive to be a scholar, but because I should have been taking those f*cking classes. Enough about my mistakes, let's concentrate on some of the world's successes. Take, for example, Lindsey's au-natural hottie body. Check out more of her pictures and stats after the jump!

  • Epic Beer Thief Fail [VIDEO]

    While none of us would ever dare commit a robbery, you can't say the thought hasn't at least entered your mind once or twice thanks to films like Ocean's Eleven. You know, breaking in and leaving in a grandiose fashion while the police bumble about like Keystone Cops. But we all can't be George Clooney, as this inept beer thief with some serious delusions of grandeur found out. The saddest apart about this video is that an innocent six-pack of beer was killed because of a robbery gone sour; the man's not only a petty crook, but a cold-blooded murderer too. Watch this injustice for yourself and try not to cry.

  • Mike Tyson’s Punch Out vs. Mortal Kombat [VIDEO]

    Super Punch-Out Vs. Mortal Kombat • Dawn Jaro Isn't Here, But Her Sister Is! • Donald Trump Responds to Osama's DeathPriest's Maggie Q Is Sinfully Hot • Score A (Crappy) Job With A 2.0 GPA • Doug Flutie's daughter is a hot New England Patriots CheerleaderSamurai Slices Through a Mid-Air Bullet See more awesome links after the jump!

  • A Tribute to Ana Beatriz Barros’ Boobs [59 PHOTOS]

    This 27 year old Brazilian model known for her work with Guess?, Victoria’s Secret, and Chanel has appeared in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit Issue 7 times. She was named one of FHM’s “100 Sexiest Women in the World” in 2006 and appears in the 2010 Pirelli Calendar photographed by Terry Richardson. Recently, pics from her photo shoot for Italy’s Jack magazine hit the ‘net and though all her features are superhuman hot, we can’t get enough of her Beatrizzling Barreasts. That’s why we’ve put together this tribute that will have you taking a stroll down mammary lane.

  • You Can’t Help BUTT Stare! [34 PHOTOS]

    Stare” feature, in which we capture photos capturing creepy characters eying up some choice cleavage. Women would prefer you not leer or gawk, but it’s just too tempting. With the boob stare you’re more likely to get caught. But, ogling the butt? Much more stealth. We’re huge fans of the bottom as you can tell from our Ass-entials franchise (surfingtennissoccer,lingerie footballJessica Alba), so we commend the men hypnotized by the hindquarters in this photo gallery.

  • Plunder That Booty With Booty From PLNDR [CONTEST]

    To get that booty, you must plunder or, in the case of this contest PLNDR. Face it, your Varsity Jacket isn't going to cut it anymore now that it's Spring (not that it really worked in the Winter either) and you're badly in need of some fresh threads and kicks. What better way to score some gear than by winning it for free? This contest is really easy to enter - just like that girl you're trying to land will be once you win. Oh yeah, up top! (*holds up hand for high five*) Enter after the jump!

  • Heed The “Call Of the Dead”! [VIDEO GAMES]

    Today, May 3rd, brings the highly anticipated release of Call of Duty: Black Ops DLC, Escalation, and its too-awesome-for-words "Call of the Dead" map. After some tense minutes and hours of tense, excruciating suspense, we finally got a chance to take this monster for a spin! So, what undead surprises lurk within the shadows of "Call of the Dead"? Find out after the jump!

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    Will Ferrell Shaves Conan O’Brien’s Beard, 5 Others That Should Go [VIDEO]

    For those of you who don't watch Conan, Will Ferrell's been scheduled to appear on the show for a few weeks now. This is important because A) He's funny and B) He'd been ranting and raving about how he planned on shaving off Conan's beard. Well, last night came and went and so did Conan's beard. Watch Will Ferrell get drunk on Barbicil and take a blade to Conan's face then see our list of famous beards that should be next to go after the jump!

  • He Said / She Said: 7 Things Guys Don’t Get About Girls

    He Said/She Said is COED's dating, sex, and relationship debate series designed to help dudes understand what chicks are thinking - we know, an impossible feat. Every week we’ll be throwing out a different topic for debate… you can read the guy’s side here and the girl’s side at CollegeCandy.com. This week’s topic: 7 things men just don't understand about women. Check out our side after the jump!

  • 7 Superheroes Seth Rogen Could Play In The Movies [POLL]

    Although the Green Hornet didn't receive the best of receptions at the box office, the movie did prove - regardless of naysayers - that Seth Rogen can hold his own in a super hero flick, albeit in a comedic fashion. What many people don't know is that in the comic universes inhabited by many of the industry's heavy hitters, there are those that provide comic relief or are just so outlandish that they a find a place in the hearts of truly dedicated comic geeks. So which super heroes would benefit from Seth's unique style of comedy? Check 'em out in the list of 7 super heroes Seth Rogen can play in the movies after the jump!

  • Ashley Muir: 2011 Daytona Bike Week Bikini Contest Winner

    Daytona Beach Bike Week is a 10-day motorcycle rally held in Daytona Beach, Florida that typically sees about 500,000 a…

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    Smokin’ Hot Stars Attend the Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala [150 PHOTOS]

    Just who in the holy hellscape is Alexander McQueen? Well, he was a British fashion designer who was chief designer at Givenchy before founding his own label. He won 4 British Designer of the Year awards as well as International Designer of the Year. Unfortunately, he passed in February 2010. But, his legacy still lives on as evidenced by the startling turnout of A-list celebrities at his Savage Beauty Costume Institute Gala held at the Met last night. We say, "startling" because we don't even see this kind of top notch celebrity attendance at the Super Bowl, Grammys, Oscars, and Emmys combined. Don't believe us? The proof's in the pictures, my man. Check 'em out after the jump!

  • Comparing “Deal of the Day” Websites [Infographic]

    Groupon, LivingSocial, and other Deal of the Day sites are blowing up. Not one to miss a growing trend, Facebook and Google have announced they'll be launching online coupon features to their operations. Which site offers the best deals? Our friends at Online MBA created a comparison chart of the top coupon products across the web. We just find it funny that chicks still pay for "facials" - don't they know those are free?! Check out how the sites stack up after the jump!

  • 5 Ways To Save Money At College

    Graduation means a lot of things for students getting ready for that proverbial long road ahead: no more studying, partying into the night, job hunting and, of course, those nasty little creditors nipping at your heels for that outstanding debt of yours! For those of you already shelling out some coin, sorry we didn't post this article sooner. But for the students who have yet to graduate or enter college, the Kansas City Star had recently published a list of ways to save some green and we at COED took the liberty of reading it and now present it to you in own pretty little words! So beat those bloody banking wolves back with a list of 5 ways to save money at college!

  • How The List Was Produced

    SO how did we come up with this list? Simple. Our editors came up with a massive list of over 200 female actresses, politic…

  • Miss COED: Jennifer Mason [21 PICS]

    Jennifer Mason (Ms. Jennifer Mason to you) is a 23 year old model / actress / music video girl. She's shaken it with Soulja Boy, Pitbull, Black Dada and Ray J and Swazy Styles. Judging by the picture above and the way she treats Soulja Boy (she's the girl who hands SB the drink and the smoke), this girl really knows how to treat a guy. Jennifer's also been on the shows The Glades and Burn Notice. That last one doesn't surpise us at all because, wait for it, of what a hottie she is. Check out some more of her pictures and stats after the jump!

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    John Ritter Is Crazy (For Recycling) [VIDEO]

    When John Ritter passed away a few years back, many people decided to remember him for his memorable roles on television shows like Three's Company - while turning a blind eye to his habit of roaming the suburbs, tearing through people's trash like a starving raccoon! While I commend his dedication to the preservation of our environment, does he really have to yell at us like that, or wear - and I'm positive that it is - eyeliner for that matter? Personally, the crying Native American guy and Woodsy the Owl made for a better mascots, not John Ritter who looks like he raided Angus Young's concert wardrobe. Watch this video for yourself and go crazy for recycling!

  • The Innermost Temptations of Girls Revealed

    This past Sunday AXE tempted me into day drinking with them at New York City's hottest Sunday Funday location, Beaumarchais. The day started at 1pm with a calm brunch and ended with a raging dance party and a smoking hot AXE Fallen Angel pouring Moet champagne directly from the bottle into my mouth.

  • If Classic Movies Were Remade By Michael Bay

    What Is This "Plot Development" You Speak Of? • Miley Cyrus Kills Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" • The 3D Animated Death Of Bin Laden • A Guide To Kate Middleton's Hot Sister Pippa • 9 Greatest Fictional Athletes • Natalie Portman Is Midgard's Fairest Mortal • Did Jack Bauer and Chuck Norris Take Down Osama? See more awesome links after the jump!

  • 121 Babes on Bikes for Bicycle Week [PHOTOS]

    May is Bike Month and in the U.S. (USA! USA! USA!) Bike Week usually takes place the first or second week in May. This annual event, which originated in Europe in the early '20s, advocates the importance of bicycling as a means of transportation. It's supposed to help the environment and get people exercising. So, if you're looking to bang a tree-hugging hippie, ride your bike to school or work. To celebrate, we've built this sweet photo gallery of babes on bikes that will make you pop a wheelie (among other things). Check out the pics sans kickstand after the jump!

  • New Lindsay Lohan Pics Are Smokin’ [10 PHOTOS]

    Lindsay Lohan: these two words might spark differing emotions depending on who you are. If you're a housewife or soccer mom, you might have some very choice words delicately laced with profanity. If you're a guy, you'll most likely remember the good old days of Mean Girls (not the Parent Trap, perv). After seeing these photos from her recent photoshoot for Blank, your mind might just go blank. See what we mean after the jump.

  • The Status of the FBI’s Initial 22 Most Wanted Terrorists Post 9/11

    Yes, Osama Bin Laden is dead. And while he was an evil SOB, he needed some help from other POS to try to attack the United States. President Bush put these men in the spotlight by releasing the FBI's 22 Most Wanted Terrorists in October 2001. We know that our boys overseas are doing their best (and doing it well), but it's still a little unnerving to see the status of some on this list today. Check out how the FBI is doing after the jump!

  • 31 Posters That’ll Have You Laughing To Osama bin Laden’s Death [PHOTOS]

    We all know it. We all love it. They finally killed that bastard Osama Bin Laden. People are cheering everywhere. Troops stormed into his heavily guarded mansion and engaged in a crazy firefight. Which ended with some dead terrorists, a woman(who was used as a human shield, like WTF terrorists) and Osama getting a fat bullet to his domepiece. These soldiers have to be so jacked up right now it's unreal. Meanwhile the rest of us can cheer and laugh in Terrorism's face. AMERICA, #WINNING! See the posters after the jump!

  • 3 Ways To Make Her Fall In Love With You

    I've decided to take a week off from writing about seduction, sex and dating strategies to talk about the three ways you can make someone fall in love with you. Don't worry if you're not a hopeless romantic or have never drawn a love heart on anything, these tips are also useful to know if you want to seduce, date or have some naughty nookie with someone. People will feel strong feelings of attraction - and maybe even a twinge of love - towards someone who they think "gets" them. Luckily, you can shave off months of dating, hours spent on the phone and several meaningful conversations by using a few tricks of the pick up artist trade to connect with someone quickly! See the tips after the jump!

  • 12 Pics of Tennis Pro Ashley Harkleroad For Her 26th Birthday

    Yet another reason to celebrate today, Ashley Harkelroad turns 26. This smoking tennis player was the cover model for a Playboy shoot in April of '08. Apparently, this makes her the first tennis player to ever pose in her birthday outfit for the magazine in the history of the world. At one point in time, Ashley was ranked 61 in the world. While we are certainly not tennis fanatics, we're pretty sure that for one brief, shining moment she was ranked 69th. Nice. Check out more of her pictures from that Playboy shoot and others after the jump!

  • Wrestling’s Top 10 Submission Finishers Of All-Time! [VIDEOS]

    The best kind of wrestling in my book has to be good ol' down and dirty submission wrestling. While it doesn’t have the appeal of a perfect shooting star press, it’s still effective and damn fun to watch. Over the years, we’ve seen some great submission holds develop, but which ones cane we say are truly the best? It’s a great debate, but we at COED Magazine have done the dirty work and came up with the 10 best submission holds in wrestling history! Some may shock you, some may piss you off, but they all hurt like a motherf*cker if they get slapped on you!

  • Who’s The Hottest Chick on Dancing With The Stars? [114 PHOTOS]

    Where else can you watch Pamela Anderson, Nicole Scherzinger, Erin Andrews, Jennifer Grey, Rachel Hunter, Joanna Krupa, Mya, Kathy Ireland, Kendra Wilkinson, Holly Madison, Brooke Burke, Kim Kardashian, Shannon Elizabeth, Mel B, Willa Ford, Stacy Keibler, and Kelly Monaco dancing while dressed in the least amount of clothing allowed by federal law? There can only be one place to witness such a beautiful combination of dance, wardrobe, and women and it isn't Charlie Sheen's bedroom. It's on Dancing with the Stars. The show, now in its 12th season, has been delivering beauty after beauty to us on ABC as far back as I can remember. But who's the sexiest of them all? Check out our DWTS photo gallery then vote in our polls after the jump!

  • Superhero Movies By The Numbers [INFOGRAPHIC]

    With Thor coming out this Friday (5/6), we thought we'd take a look at how superhero movies are doing as a genre. What once was relegated to big time blockbuster affairs has spread into other genres as well - take "Super", "Paper Man" and "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" for example. While the genre's resurgence has caused a near saturation level at the box office, one can't argue with the bottom line. Numbers never lie, so we're sharing an infographic detailing the genre in full, courtesy of CinemaBlend. Check it out after the jump!

  • 29 America F**K Yeah Demotivational Posters

    Where were YOU when you heard, read, or watched the report that the most evil motherf***er on planet Earth (and possibly the galaxy) Osama bin Laden was killed? Twitter almost spontaneously combusted. Chants of "U-S-A! U-S-A!" broke out everywhere. After terrorizing and mocking America for the better part of the past 20 or so years, OBL is RIP. Of course, we're hoping that 'P' is really an 'H' (as in "Hell") and "Rest" is "Rot". To celebrate the devil incarnate's demise, we've assembled a photo gallery of "America. F*** Yeah!" demotivational posters. We really think 5/1 should be a national holiday. Cue Team America: World Police.

  • Slick Is A “Jive Soul Bro” [VIDEO]

    There are many music artists that - regardless of their unbridled talent and originality - I feel have been robbed of a Grammy or VMA one too many times in the past. But the fact that Slick has never been given the proper recognition, let alone not being invited to attend these events, for his rhyming prowess is both an unforgivable crime and a blemish on the entire music industry. Slick's paid his dues, he's showed his skills, and yet he sits alone eating "yardbird," watching his career fade into obscurity. If you're looking for something a little more "underground," watch the musical stylings of Slick for yourself!