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48 Super Mario Super-Fan Tattoos

Mario and Luigi have permanently cemented their place in pop culture history. The two loveable Italian plumbers are the most popular video game characters of all time and they have clearly made their impact on their fans. Now don’t get me wrong, I love me some Super Mario Bros. but the people in this gallery have to be beyond obsessed. Can a girl take you seriously if you have Bowser tattooed on your forearm? Will having Mario and Luigi on your feet get you laid? The jury is out on that one, but until we figure it out, check out 48 of the craziest Super Mario Bros. tattoos below!



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    2. Rikki says:

      These tattoos are class. Not sure I'd ever get a tattoo, but if I did get a Mario one, it would have to be him flying with the tanooki suit like in Super Mario Bros. 3 or <a rel="follow" href="">Super Mario 3DS

    3. Florian says:

      Thats mine. Made in 2011, on Mallorca. :)

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