Air Jordans Cause Riots? Is This Real Life? [24 WTF PHOTOS]

I’m not a big shoe guy. Mostly because I have sh*tty luck. I remember I got a pair of sweet blue high tops when I was 10 and thems sh*ts were ganked from my locker at the Y. I don’t know what it is about fly kicks that makes people lose their sh*t but it’s ridiculous. I’ve heard of thug life mugging / murdering people for their Air Jordans, but riots? Customers getting trampled to death over sneakers? Am I missing something? Anyway, here are some funny/wtf pics of Air Jordans that’ll either aid or abet the frenzy. I honestly don’t know. If you do, leave us your thoughts in the comments.



    1. The new Air Jordans are causing total 'thuglife fail'… Congrats to Nike for causing large idiot collections to condense in small commercial areas.

    2. thomas says:

      Bunch of ignorant fools spending all that money for shoes that have no value,what value is this?

    3. Cory says:

      It's so weird that white people would riot like that………oh, forget it.

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