Leilani Dowding Leaked Nude Pics: Who Was She Sexting?

So, these nude pics of Page 3 Girl Leilani Dowding leaked online yesterday and were posted by Egotastic. Everyone here at the office heard the name and just looked at each other like, “Who’s that?” I’ve seen her name before but for some reason I thought she was some Disney tween icon, but I couldn’t be further from the troof. I know what you’re thinking, if she’s a page 3 girl, who cares, we’ve already seen her naked. That’s not the point. Point is, who is she sending these to? Yeah there’s a chance she’s just bored and wants to stir up some sh*t, which if that’s the case, I can buy a plane ticket and be wherever you are asap. For all those f***ing doooshnozzles who will comment on the poor quality of the pics, stfu. Leave your guesses in the comments.

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SOURCE: Egotastic

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