The Very Best of SantaCon 2011: Round One [PHOTOS]

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I didn’t get to participate in NYC’s SantaCon (otherwise known as Sometimes known as Naughty Santas, Cheapsuit Santas, Santarchy, Santapalooza, and Santa Rampage) this past weekend but from what I hear, you couldn’t move because of all the jolly St. Nicks, elves, candy cane men, snowmen, and reindeer occupying “North Pole”. Last year, I misread the date on an ugly Christmas Sweater Party and so had to wear that to SantaCon then ended up feeding a girl quadruple vodski on the rocks in a giant styrofoam cup then carried her weeping lifeless body up a 5 story walk up (she’s okay, btw). Yeah, kinda glad I missed this year’s. If you missed it (or want to remember what happened), check out this gallery of pics from the first wave of SantaCons around the world. Round 2 goes down this weekend (12/17).

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