Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics Leaked Online

Yesterday, we revealed a better version of Lindsay Lohan‘s playboy cover (which you can see again below). Today, a source tipped us off to nude pics from her Playboy shoot, which have been leaked online. No Heidi Montag here, folks. We’re talkin’ Lilo’s boobs fully exposed for all to see. And they are glorious. To all the haters out there saying her rack’s saggy. Check yourself.




    1. Sam says:

      come on all this and you dont even see the sweet spot? good thing i saw this on here. dang just thing of all the people who paid for this issue to actually see her naked and just see her boobs and not her sweet spot? have to admit the make up and the photoshop sure makes her look f***able

    2. KoolerBear says:

      lol one of her shots the nipples areolas are light as hell and in one of the other shots where shes laying on the pillow she has some dark areolas but the other one is pink or white … photoshop ftw

    3. Anthony says:

      Those photos are flat-out awful. Any latent eroticism Lohan has left has been completely zapped out of these pictures by photoshop.

      Compare these to the photos of her back in 2004 in GQ, and you'll realize how far she has fallen.

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    6. Piroca de Fantasma says:

      Ainda bem que ela mostra o bundão.

    7. Bill says:

      I've seen better skin on a dead peice of chicken

    8. Jay Mhey says:

      She is amazing!!!

    9. avoidtheboyd says:

      2005 called. They want their pictures that would have been hot then back.

    10. coastcontact says:

      Can I post these photos on my WordPress blog without being shut down?

    11. carolelind says:

      Its sad. Like Judy Garland said, “Be a first rate version of yourself instead of a second rate version of someone else..” or “Everyone copies the Mona Lisa, but there is one original.” She is like all those Marilyn impersonators.

      1. Louis says:

        Judy Garland is my idol and I couldn't agree with you more I am sad that LINDSASY is doing these kinds of tacky things in order to regain recognition its sad her mother and father suck. God help this poor girl. By the way my mom looks a lot like Judy Garland I am a tremendous fan of Judy's.

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    13. Louis says:

      poor girl how sad that she relying on pornography in order to regain recognition in Hollywood shes in my prayers her mother and father have failed Dina is in denial and Michael Lohan is a douche narcistic how sad how sad shes the laughing stock of Hollywood I feel for this girl and I hope to Jesus that she does antoher disney film she lost the title role of the new alice in wonderland with Johnny Depp due to her DUI reputation but people give her a chance its not her fault her dad was a douche ,bailed on her mom and her family and that she started to hang out with the likes of the sluts of Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie and started doing crack with those rick bitches like Kim Kardashian ,People Lindsay is a star a good actress so she did drugs jeez she could make a recovery and make another wholsome movie like another disney movie she used to work for dinsey after she stoped all hell broke lose people give the poor girl a chance you to hollywood youll see what she needs is good family film like a Judy Garland or Julie andrews or Debbie Reynoylds esque film.

    14. Jay says:

      Pathetic she has resorted to this. What's next, porn movies? She was a good actress and blew it and had to trash herself over the past few years with drugs and alcohol and ruined her life. This isn't going to help. only makes her more trashy than she already is. Those tan heels she has on in the photos look stupid as all get out, better to be barefoot in them all, so tacky and tasteless. What a shame.

      1. rich says:

        Jay: If you don't like the idea of her posing,why did you look? It's her life and her decision,not yours or mine. If you didn't like or agree,you should not have looked.

      2. HHH says:

        I'll watch

      3. KMS says:

        What is pathetic is that you looked.

    15. NaTaS says:

      AND I'm spent

    16. The Bris says:

      Aye, she's done better shoots, aye, there probably is "better skin on a dead piece of chicken" – live ones too. But, if Lindsay Lohan made nights out, they'd probably be the best nights out in the world. Good on her. She's one of the few who doesn't live by the script, ain't afraid to get totally blitzed, fair enough she's a bit of an amature when it comes to getting away with it but in the field of not giving a sh*it – she's a pro.

    17. Dan says:

      Wow. Talk about a train wreck. She is a perfect example of a fully grown woman who never matured past the age of 14. She should take her million, disappear for a year or two, move to a small town in the Midwest, and figure out who she is.

    18. tonylouwanna says:

      I find it funny that people are criticizing Lindsey Lohan for being a drug-head, alcoholic out-of-control has-been AND trying to use Judy Garland as a comparison model. Wow, talk about an alcoholic, out-of-control train-wreck who's only claim to fame was a movie (Wiz of Oz) she made as a teen. Bad side-by-side, people.

    19. Rodin says:

      What……. NO PUBES???!!!!!

      1. kelli says:

        No- its not 1975 anymore.

    20. James says:

      Wow, someone needs to give the airbrush staff a big raise. They did a great job covering up ugly.

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