Lindsay Lohan Playboy Pics Leaked Online

Yesterday, we revealed a better version of Lindsay Lohan‘s playboy cover (which you can see again below). Today, a source tipped us off to nude pics from her Playboy shoot, which have been leaked online. No Heidi Montag here, folks. We’re talkin’ Lilo’s boobs fully exposed for all to see. And they are glorious. To all the haters out there saying her rack’s saggy. Check yourself.




    1. Dan Thorpe says:

      i will be honest I am surprised…. in a good way

      1. Jane says:

        Photoshop can do amazing things. You understand in real life she wouldn't look anything like that? She is barely recognizable in the photos because of lighting, photoshop, makeup, etc. Men are so f-ing dumb.

      2. jamesgia says:


        f*ck off. We can plainly see that she doesn’t look like Lindsay lohan but we don’t care. Tell me how men are dumb so you don’t look like such a feminist b*tch.

    2. Candy says:


    3. jkootbc says:

      Hef can now die a proud man. In with Marilyn, out with a coke fiend.

    4. jimma says:

      Those titties are impeccable!

    5. Dirty Dingus says:

      Wow, make-up and Photoshop to the rescue.

    6. The_Dude says:

      one mil and no vaj shot? seems pretty weak to me.

    7. Hooka says:

      meh.. still a skank

    8. MylesofStyles says:

      I'm willing to bet that we're probably better off NOT having seen her vagina.

    9. will says:

      damn she is so freaking hot it is crazy…

    10. billie says:

      She would be great to f*ck, she’s a skank sure, but still doable. Her t*ts alone are worth it. They look juicy

      1. Jane says:

        definitely juicy, squeeze too hard and the saline will leak out. Do you men not understand photoshop? The pictures you looked at in playboy are of a person who doesn't actually exist in real life! Looks NOTHING like her, couldn't even recognize her.

      2. gross says:

        So what's the big deal? I've seen better on my wife!

    11. dfgdf says:

      photoshop,photoshop,photoshop, and that doesn't even look like her, it looks like rose mcgowan w/bigger boobs

      1. blue says:

        impersonation………trying to make her look like MM, not making her look like herself/LL! hello!

      2. Amber says:

        Completely agree. Half of them her own face doesn't look like her. Anf the bod is DEF Photoshopped. The "liquify" tool is definitely her friend!

    12. Seth says:

      Was there any tool in the PhotoShop catelog that they DIDN'T use???

      1. Well thats what Playboy, FHM and Maxim all do. No magazine shows women how they are. That'd be too real. I'm okay with them photoshopping. Lindseys a competent model and I wish they'd of gone with a darker sexier theme. Leather lace etc, instead of a tribute to Marilyn monroe. Some of the pics up there are the exact poses marilyn did in her first shoot.

      2. anon says:

        and where are Lindsay's freckles? she is a natural red head of course COVERED in freckles. She doesn't have lily white skin at all…geez playboy

    13. hotbitch says:

      Of course her titties aren't sagging…..they're fake! That might explain why her nipples are so freakishly out of proportion.

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    15. Webster Phreaky says:

      What I love best about Lindsay Lohan is that she will give you the best Blow Job you ever had and then share her drugs and booze with you after. Now THAT is a "giving" woman!

    16. SERIOUSLY Playboy? Every Blonde is not Marilyn Monroe! I'm not even sure I want to see the pictures now. Monroe is Monroe. She is iconic, she can not be touched and anyone who attempts to look like her is a cheap imitation including LL. I was hoping for something edgy and different with this shoot. Ugh.

      1. Sam says:

        seems like all models are trying to rip her off :/

    17. MoMorris says:

      Ugh another formerly gorgeous redhead goes trailer trash blonde and looks awful. There was a time when seeing Lohan nude would have been amazing but now it's just sad.

    18. MoFoJoe says:

      What??? No pics of her HooHa, Fail!!

    19. volstar88 says:

      I think it is a highly probable that those pics are of Jenna Jameson. Playboy cyber girls claims to feature many models but they are all Jenna, who is a master of disquise. So it is not a big surprise

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