Kate Upton Dominates The First Official Three Stooges Trailer [VIDEO]

We included The Three Stooges on our list of most anticipated movies of 2012, mostly due to all the buzz around who’d be in it and the fact that the Farrelly Brothers are directing. Readers shat on us for that pick, but they might change their minds after seeing the trailer via The Daily Wh.at Tumblr. It’s got almost as many dislikes as likes on YouTube, but that’s because f***ing women just don’t get the classic slapstick the Stooges bring to the table. They know how to do lowbrow right. They also know what dudes like and dudes like Kate Upton exiting a pool in a righteous swimsuit.

Someone needs to make an animated gif of that ASAP. They should look something like THESE.

See more of Kate in our gallery below.

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