Faces of the 12 Best Voice Actors

December 4th was Jeff Bridges’ birthday and while he might be forever known as The Dude, Jeff has made a pretty penny doing voice-overs. I read a pretty convincing article once in something called “a newspaper” that discussed the benefits of hiring a well-known actor to do narration for commercials. Not only does the advertiser have to pay the actor less (he doesn’t show his face), but the commercial still benefits because the viewer subconsciously recognizes a famous voice. Obviously not all voice-overs have been done by famous actors, but the following people have made a name for themselves in the close-knit world of narration. Check out the unseen heroes of your favorite movies and TV shows below.



    1. elinanulman says:


    2. Sadia says:

      *Powerpuff girls, sorry, but that drives me nuts. :P

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    4. SpaceLion says:

      Steven J Blum?
      David Hayter?
      Wendee Lee?
      Spike Spencer?

      At least they put Billy West on the list?

    5. Semper Why says:

      What? No Jennifer Hale? (aka FemShep, Bastilla Shan and metric buttloads of BioWare goodness?)

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