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10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Walt Disney

If you haven’t seen this on Facebook or Twitter, today (December 5th) would have been Walt Disney’s birthday. Although he’s been dead for almost 45 years, his legacy still has a profound impact on pop culture. We’ve all heard the crazy stories about him: ones that range from Walt being an anti-Semite to him having his head being cryogenically frozen. But, if you’d like to know the truth, check out our 10 facts about the cartoon mastermind below.



    1. Walt Disney is a great artist, business man. I like him very much, he give us too much.

    2. Neo says:

      He Killed His Mother?
      i can hardly believe it..

    3. Dan says:

      1 of 10 is wrong

      His name was Disney and always was, even as far back as Arundel Elias Disney (his Great Grandfather) the family name was Disney.

      It is thought that Arundel was responsible for officially changing it.

    4. francesca says:

      i clicked this because i thought it might be interesting but it was just really stupid. especially when the lawn bowls crap. not that he liked it. that's not even that interesting, because a lot of people like it. and it is boring to watch, but it's difficult to play. point being i dont even know anyone who doesnt know what lawn bowls is? unless you were trying to be funny, like i suspect you were with the rest of the "facts". unfortunately you missed the mark.

      1. JoeC says:

        Your face is homo

    5. emraldstarysky says:

      He did not kill his mother. Walt and Roy bought their mother a house. Later, after having lived in that house for a month she died. They had no idea about the furnace, if they had they would have fixed it.
      Walt was haunted by this for the rest of his life.
      Stating in this article "Walt killed his mom" is horrible and insensitive to the memory of Walt Disney.

    6. A BiPolar Guy says:

      Well, at least, thank God, you didn't repeat the scurrilous amd completly baseless lie about anti-semitism. Family Guy cheerfully called him an "Out spoken anti-semite". There is no record of any such remark, not even accusations from those who knew him.

    7. Laoshi Steve says:

      I attended a many years ago where the key note speaker had worked for Disney. He said Walt didn’t really like kids. He like cartoons and they were in only market. Strange how things develop.

      1. Elina Nulman says:

        I actually found out he liked and was obsessed with fecal matter as well. My friend collected newspaper articles about it; but you won’t find it online!

    8. flpbpress says:

      Another thing about Walt Disney that is not generally known, is that he was a heavy smoker.

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