The 5 Best MLB Managers in the Game Today

Bobby Valentine’s  return to managing stateside will be an interesting storyline all year.  Taking over for a team coming off an epic collapse, surrounded by embellished stories of an Animal House type clubhouse, the new Red Sox manager is walking into a tough situation.  But he just might be the perfect guy for the job.  While he’s known to most as one of the smartest minds in the game, the biggest knock on him is his reputation for wearing out his welcome wherever he goes.  With that lineup, Red Sox fans don’t care if his act gets old in a few years; they want to win now.  If he can get Carl Crawford playing up to his contract and get the staff to dispel the awful reputations they deservedly earned during the late season collapse, he’ll be a coach of the year candidate for sure.  Until then, here are the top 5 managers in the game today:

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    1. bigo16 says:

      Ozzie Guillen alienates his players and often his coaches. His fly by the seat of his pants attitude with his bullpen ruined some of his best teams and players…Buck showalter and Bobby v know baseball unlike anyone else and while they eventually wear on teams while there they always seem to overachieve. Think about the 2000 met team, there were a lot of nobody’s surrounding piazza and Alfonzo.

      1. bigo16 says:

        Guys like arod and Michael young credit Buck with making them better, and it seems every guy who comes to Chicago gets into it with Guillen (david wells, javier Vazquez, magglio ordonez, etc) he’s smart but too confrontational

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