These 70 Sexy Spectacled Chicks Are Easy On The Eyes [PHOTOS]

December is finally here so you know what that means, it’s Bifocals at the Monitor Liberation Day. If anyone can attest to the wear and tear your eyes go through gazing into a computer monitor, it’s us. The fact our eyeballs haven’t leaked out of our skulls is astonishing. Surprisingly, none of us wear glasses while using the computer (beer goggles and shades don’t count). If you’re ashamed to don the specs while browsing, don’t. You might just find a lovely lady who’s into four eyes. Check out these super sexy women in glasses. If they can wear them, so can you.



    1. […] into four eyes. Check out our gallery of super sexy women wearing glasses after the jump. Via: These 70 Sexy Spectacled Chicks Are Easy On The Eyes [PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    2. jdog1222 says:

      Who is 1 and 55

    3. g09ers707 says:

      1 is Shay Maria

    4. TheCureForHope says:

      By the numbers:

      Ugly: 24.2%
      Porn Stars: 71.4%
      Tina Feys: 1.5%
      Porn Stars literally getting F'd out of frame when the picture was taken: 2.8%
      Underage girls: 5.7%
      Girls that actually wear glasses: 0%

    5. n0n says:

      Also…. bifocals?! Do a google images search for bifocals. I'm surprised not to see any 50+ spectacle wearers in the post.

      Bifocals =! Glasses

      Bifocals have two powers of lens in one, usually for the older generation.

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