The Girls Of Miss BumBum Brazil 2011 [218 PHOTOS]

If I was to ask you what country is known for their butts, what would your guess be? Nevermind, I’ll tell you. Brazil, hands down. Now what if I was to tell you that there was a competition for (wait for it) the best butt in Brazil? Would that be something you might be interested in? Yeah, I thought so. Well it’s called the Miss BumBum Brazil pageant, and (in the same light that the NBA’s MVP can consider themselves the world’s best basketball player) the winner is officially the most a**tastic woman in the world. You can check out all the competitors in all their onion-booty glory below.



    1. […] world. You can check out all the competitors in all their onion-booty glory after the jump. Via: The Girls Of Miss BumBum Brazil 2011 [218 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    2. […] world. You can check out all the competitors in all their onion-booty glory after the jump. Via: The Girls Of Miss BumBum Brazil 2011 [218 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    3. Pugiron says:

      The great Brazillian asses all work for Victoria's Secret. The fat Brazillian asses are whats left.

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    5. […] They are all nice. The sign they're leaning on says Miss BumBum, so: Miss Bumbum (15 pics) The Girls Of Miss BumBum Brazil 2011 [218 PHOTOS] : COED Magazine […]

    6. […] Brazilian booty model, Aryane Steinkopf. How this beauty wasn’t featured in the girls of Miss Bum Bum Brazil is a mystery to us butt the good news is that she’s on our site now. Aryane is a bikini […]

    7. […] Last year we introduced you all to an amazing competition called Miss BumBum Brazil–essentially a search for the finest Brazilian booty. Luckily for everyone, the competition is back in 2012 with some amazing new talent. As was the case last year, there are 27 models representing the 27 states of Brazil. […]

    8. Clive Williams says:

      I find it hard to believe that there is only one, yes, just one single previous comment posted for the Girls Of Miss Bum Bum Gallery, and it was rather a lame comment posted 82 weeks ago!
      With such outragoeus eye-popping and breath-taking beauty on display, one would think that your comment box would be flooded with all kinds of comments from all kinds of horny men, but for some reason your comment cookie jar is empty, save a few crumbs at the bottom.
      Surely these amazing curvy ass Miss Bum Bum girls deserve better than that!
      Cannot any guys out there muster up enough drive to express some more interesting comments or some kind of passionate erotic feelings towards these incredibly sexy women I see in your Miss Bum Bum gallery?
      There must be some super horny guy out there with a heart beating loud and a cock pounding hard enough to comment on how beautiful they are and how much hysterical sexual tension arises as he gazes at their pretty faces and hypnotic gorgeous asses that drive the guy wild enough to howl out loud and scream at the top of his lungs in hope that the Miss Bum Bum girls will hear his calling far and wide calling for the chance they may hear and respond to the one they call Mr. Cum Cum to judge the Miss Bum Bum contest as nobody can judge the Miss Bum Bum contest better than Mr. Cum Cum who dazzles their senses as he adorns their curvy asses with ropes of hot cum jets long streaming long jets of hot cum ropes unravelling into so many long strings of cum unravelling into so many long threads of cum fuel pumped from the cum fuel pump the cum fuel pumping out every last drop of liquid fuel cum running out now running on funes cum fumes running his high sex drive motor running up pumping out electrified foamy cum bubbles blowing bubbles cum over the gorgeous asses of the Miss Bum Bum girls best judged by the one and only Mr. Cum Cum.
      As for who Mr. Cum Cum thinks should be the one crowned Miss Bum Bum, well, that remains to be decided.

    9. Clive Williams says:

      I find it hard to believe there is only one comment previously posted for the Girls of Miss Bum Bum gallery.
      Surely such eye-popping and breath-taking beauty should inspire more men to put more than just a few crumbs in your comment cookie jar…….these women deserve better!

    10. Clive Williams says:

      What happened to the last comment I posted?

    11. Clive Williams says:

      We should never underestimate the power of WORDS to turn us on and lead us into mind-blowing-body-shaking orgasms and we should never underestimate the power of ORGASM to heal us and make our spirits fly free!

    12. Clive Williams says:

      I specialize in the fine art of "Hypno-Erotic" writing which has the power to turn women into raving sex-crazed maniacs and the power to help men assimilate and generate higher levels of sexual energy while greatly improving their mental concentration skill needed to overcome such sexual problems as ED and PE.

    13. Clive Williams says:

      Anyone interested in unlocking the secrets to awakening the incredible human potential to explore "the missing dimensions in sex" through the power of really good Hypno-Erotic writing can email me……Don't be shy, just be open-minded.

    14. Clive Williams says:

      I am still having trouble deciding which one of the Miss Bum Bum girls in your gallery should be crowned Miss Bum Bum…….I am gonna have to gaze at their sexy pictures even longer as I drift off into a deep erotic trance as I give more (much more) thought to fulfilling my long-time dream of getting them in bed where I can demonstrate my ability to escort them up as we climb and soar to the tip-top mountain peak where multiple orgasms merge into one infinite orgasm where I can also demonstrate my incredible human potential to orgasm without ejaculating and to ejaculate electrified foamy come bubbles long after my balls have been completely drained of liquid fuel.

    15. Clive Williams says:

      Dear Graciella Carvallho,
      I would love to see you ascending the long spiral stairway up towards the bell tower as I follow behind you and then have you blow me away with the most erotic moves I have ever seen from such a gorgeous ass rising up step left gorgeous ass falling down right gorgeous ass rising up step right gorgeous ass falling down left gorgeous ass rising and falling as I follow you up the stairs until eventually we reach the bell tower where I can finally kiss your neck and grab handfuls of your gorgeous ass in my hands tightly squeezing and eagerly rubbing and gently pinching before spinning you around so I can…………(to be continued).

    16. Clive Williams says:

      (Dear Graciella Carvallho continued)
      …….so I can give your amazing wild ass a good slap hard on hard slap skipping glancing rebounds against your gorgeous ass round hard curvy ass as you laugh out loud as I begin bouncing coins skipping glancing rebounds off your hard ass slightly jiggling like jelly belly full belly laughing and jiggling with you giggling over the effect you are having on my hyper-active raging on hard on slapping hard on hard against your gorgeous ass wiggling and sending wave after wave after wave of the intense excitement of anticipating the potential for so many big orgasms to come charging up with such super erotic and highly electric sex currents rushing up surging into pounding up big pounding hard on sliding into you………..(to be continued).

    17. Clive Williams says:

      (Dear Graciella Carvallho continued)
      ………sliding into you gliding over electric flashing sex storm clouds come riding your sexy round curvy ass riding high up in the bell tower until the bell begins to ring with your singing out screaming orgasms screaming out singing while dinging your bell ringing with the lightning flashing come clouds come thundering out come pouring from the sex storm clouds pouring rain come pouring down over the bell tower bell ringing wet towel come soaked towel ringing while flinging so many long strings of come twisting towel wet towel twisting towel hung over my strong hard on up supporting the weight of the wet towel hung with your bell rung and the come flung over your hot ass!!

    18. Mulliner says:

      Não há nenhuma brasileira sem turbinar e sem tatuagem?

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