5 of the Most Epic Falls From Grace In Sports

Over his 45 year tenure at Penn State, Joe Paterno has amassed over 400 wins and won more bowl games than any coach in history, including 2 national championships. But in the blink of an eye, his entire legacy has been forever tarnished.  Regardless of the details that have yet to come out about what he did and did not know, he’ll forever be linked to the Jerry Sandusky scandal and will never be held in the same light again. This isn’t the first time a sports figure as revered as Joe Pa has turned from hero to pariah. Here are five others over just the past 20 years to fall from grace seemingly overnight:

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    1. Toober says:

      Didja ever hear of Woody Hayes?

      1. Phil in Cleveland says:

        I think the thing with Woody was that it was gradual and everybody saw it coming so the shock factor wasn't there. Instead of "Wow..WTF?!" it was more like "there goes Woody again".

    2. bobo says:

      Woody Hayes definitely belongs on this list. That happened in the 80s though, no?

    3. Justin says:

      I don't think Lebron James fell as harsh as some of the other people. What about Barry Bonds or them other drug users? James never comminted a crime or cheated. He betrayed a city, which I don't like, but it was legal.

    4. Justin says:

      Add to your list of most epic falls: Pete Rose, Alex Rodriguez, Manny Ramirez, Michel Vick, and Barry Bonds. They all broke the rules (or law)

      1. bobo says:

        These guys all embarrassed themselves, but they had plenty of people that didn’t like them before their legal/cheating problems. People hated barry bonds for a long time. Paterno was loved and respected by everyone and he lost it all in the matter of a couple days.

    5. Justin says:

      It wasn't Joe's fault, he told people that were over him what we he knew, it's not his fault they didn't do anything. A great coach being punished because one of his "friends" was crooked. Like it was Joe's job to watch him all the time. Should you be fired if your co-worker showed you that he had pot and your boss didn't believe you when you told them? Then neither should Joe. Joe you didn't do a thing wrong and I hope the world remembers the great coach you were.

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        are you seriously comparing possession of marijuana to f*cking little boys? Come on, dude.

      2. Kevin Ireland says:

        Joe Pa is a great coach that was in a tough situation that didn't do the right thing. He should have done more than just report it to higher command. Joe even admoitts that himself. If you saw one of your friends rapping a little boy and you told your dad does that me your off the hook… No!, you go to authorities and let them deal with it. The worst part about it was that Sandusky was doing all of this in the football locker room shower!! If I was the head coach Sandusky wouldn't be allowed anywhere near my facilities. If you don't agree with me then read the grand jury report and come back to me.

      3. Sandy says:

        ABSOLUTELY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The police investigations found insufficient evidence… How can you hold Joe Paterno responsible… ??? The Board of Trustees were merely taking advantage of this situation, a man who had MORE POWER and INFLUENCE than anyone else, and they despised him for it… Except for when all the alumni and supporters filtered millions of $$$$ back into the school… They liked all those checks… But they took this situation – with NO DUE PROCESS – and served his head on a platter… SHAME ON THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES…

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    7. bobo says:

      How about Big Ben?

    8. Steve says:

      Hey, has anyone thought about why the PARENTS said or did nothing.
      JoePa, resigned….let him finish the season.
      It's interesting he achieved the most wins and immediately this happens????
      This smells of media and bureaucratic assassination for a man who is conservative, and not fitting into the Liberal mode PSU is heading.

      1. Guest says:

        Why does everyone try to turn everything into a liberal vs conservative issue? This is about a monster (sandusky), who 5 people, including Joe knew molested children, and by not reporting it he was allowed to continue to molest at least 20 more. Go read and comment on fox you fucking douche

    9. markaj says:

      W.H. always come to mind, when college coaches have crossed the line. RIGHT ON NATIONAL T.V. He grabed an opposing player, who intercepted a pass I believe and; yanked him out-of-bounds !!! 8>O UNBELIEVABLE !!

    10. frank says:

      he did not follow up on anything. great coach, piss poor human being

      1. Sandy says:

        Does everyone FORGET that the POLICE INVESTIGATION DID NOT FIND SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE on two (2) separate occassions???? What Follow-up are you referring to???? Should he have over-stepped the LAW, too??? How do you follow-up on the law and tell them that they did not do their job properly in their investigations…????

    11. Sjur says:

      The fact that he said "In hindsight, I wish I did more" says enough! His coaching and charitableness is not in question; his lack of moral fortitude is. He, as a leader and role model(and a god at Penn state), had the responsibility to do more. One phone call could have prevented other children from being RAPED by a monster that JoePa called a friend and colleague.
      Oh, and the gem last night – "Pray a little for those kids" – a little? , Fkin piece of ISH!

    12. Jhen says:

      Lebron has no place on this list.

    13. Cheesehead73 says:

      What about the dong slinger himself farve?

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