The 25 Most Notable Sig Eps For The Frat’s 110th Anniversary

On November 1st, 1901, Sigma Phi Epsilon was founded at Richmond College (now the University of Richmond) on three principles: Virtue, Diligence, and Brotherly Love. It’s the second largest social fraternity in the U.S. in terms of current undergraduate membership, reportedly the largest in terms of total members initiated, and was the first to charter a chapter in all 50 states. At Hopkins, Sig Ep is the swimmer’s fraternity and they (used to) throw a killer black light party – unless you have stained teeth or a severe dandruff problem. Without Sig Ep, who knows what would’ve happened to these most notable brothers…


SOURCE: Wikipedia



    1. truth says:

      AP isn't a SigEp

    2. Dave says:

      Some additional details:

      AP definitely didn't get the Order of the Golden Heart… Not sure if he is a brother, but the OGH is given to alumni who have served as volunteers for a minimum of 15 years.

      Dave Thomas became an honorary brother after his daughter was a chapter sweetheart.

      Douglas Engelbart received the Fraternity's career achievement award the Citation.

      James Naismith is an honorary brother from Kansas University, never had a chapter at McGill.

    3. Ron says:

      Thats not a very impressive list ……I cant say I have heard of half of them !

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