The 20 Most Diehard College Football Fan Bases [POLL]

Other than maybe soccer hooligans across the pond, I don’t think you’ll find a more rabid fan base than football’s. While there are some real fervent and passionate peeps supporting the NFL, we think college football might be just a tad more spirited. Face it, the Ravens didn’t exist before ’95, while the Razorbacks have been around since ’10… as in 1910. Amazing how profound a 4 year span can be when you realize how many fans live, eat, breathe, and sh*t their alma mater’s football program. So, we decided to take a look at which programs have the largest pool of undying patrons. Check out our rankings – starting with #20 and counting up to #1 – below then vote the school you think deserves the crown in our poll at the bottom.



    1. Aggieclassof11 says:

      Where the hell is Texas A&M? How about the fact that its the only one on here that's a military college, which goes a long way towards making its alumni the most diehard fans there are? Those that shed for their brothers do so for the university.

      1. bill fish says:

        A & M is not a military college. Aggie ought to make this top twenty… but persons at A&M and A&M exes perpetuating this myth are simply ridiculous.

      2. Frank Stiles says:

        Mr Fish, Texas A&M is indeed a military college, and so much more. The largest number of officers from any college in world war II was from Texas A&M. Pointe du Hoc was taken by a band of heroes led by our own Earl Rudder. It is sad you know so little about such a great institution. The vast majority of our students are now non regs, but you can bet it all that we are proud of our military and our military tradition. The flags around Kyle Field honoring our medal of honor receipients is just the tip one of hundreds of ways we honor,respect, and value our military background, traditions , and veterans.

    2. Greek Tony says:

      Apparently 27% gets you 4th place? Penn State!

    3. ericjlsu says:

      @ aggieclass111…do a little research before you type LSU is "the ole war skule"…we both are military skules. We have a rivalry that dates back 100yrs…thats why Les and the LSU fans are pumped to have yall in the SEC. So we can renew our rivalry…and your and easy win for us too.

      1. christopher says:

        You'll have to forgive him. He's an Aggie. By genetics, they aren't playing will full decks.

    4. Chuck Vilas says:

      How the HELL did Nebraska get #1??? Last week when they got killed by the badgers, there wasn't a single nebraska fan left in the stadium halfway through the third quarter. that is the opposite of die-hard. that's die-easy if you ask me.

      1. Riah says:

        what's die hard is that Ne fans are willing to travel to Wisconsin, pay scalper prices for tics, only to watch their beloved team fail. If that ain't die hard I don't know what is. And all the die hard fans I know are blown away by Wisconsin's talent. THAT is DIE HARD……GBR

      2. BDJ says:

        they are NOT #1 Oregon Duck fans are!! see above

      3. Mark says:

        Dear Sir,

        That's total Bull Shit, I was there along with several thosand other Husker fans till the end. Wisconsin is good, your a dork.

      4. JJ2011 says:

        Hey Chuck, when was the last time your team sold out a stadium 315 consecutive times? GO BIG RED!!!

    5. Jamesb says:

      Hee hee, no Texas A&M — LOL!

      THAT'S how much of an irrelevant AFTER THOUGHT A&M has become! Well, that and their all "guy" cheerleader squad. Geeze, that's embarrassing. "IceCreamMen" for cheerleaders?

      Dudes, find some hotties, get 'em cute cheerleader outfits and join the 21st, no 20th – NO 19th CENTURY – then you get into the top 20.

      Party like it's 1799 A&M!

    6. Amy C says:

      Can't help but notice that half the teams are from the SEC. Woo Pig!

    7. bluess101 says:

      where the hel is virginia tech?? one of the most intimidating and loudest stadiums for opposing teams to play at.

      1. BDJ says:

        I watched the VA Tech game today – have to say, it was exciting to watch! Duck fan here, but glad VA Tech won today!!

    8. CoEdMag says:

      USC and Miami…lol They both have the most fair weather fan bases in country! Why are they on this list?

      1. An actual fan says:

        Add FSU to fair-weather fans. And Oregon???? Seriously???? Those fans have only shown the last 3 years – they were a total no-show the past 100.

        You want loyal – South Carolina averaged 80,000+ for an 0-11 season a few years ago!

        Terrible list, about as good as listing the biggest stadiums as "the best".

        Epic fail!

    9. dude says:

      Mizzou should be on that only were the fans rabid even during the long down years, they also have the longest running rivalry in football with Kansas

    10. HuskieFans says:

      What a crock of crap…. Huskie Stadium (Washington Huskies) is the loudest in the country, creators of the Wave and even when the team sucks a very difficult place to play… Why because of the BEST fans in the country… to not even make the list shows the writers and idiot. Get your cranium out of your rectum and actually do your reasearch.

      1. BDJ says:

        NOT SO FAST huskie fan – Huskie stadium may be loud, but they are NOT the loudest!! and by the way, Duck fans are the best – see the poll above!!!

      2. Andonis says:

        love the Huskies but….having to mention the invention of the wave, which to me in an embarrassment to any true fan of any sport, is a bad idea… GO DAWGS

    11. old lineman says:

      Even though they have not been a top team in years, PSU fans/nuts are representin big time.

    12. woof woof says:

      If you've ever been to Nebraska, it's easy to see why the fans are diehards. There's nothing else to do there. And Oregon, their fans are way over the top, you just can't find a nice one, which is why the rest of the Pac 10 voted Oregon fans the rudest. Leftovers from 100 years of beatdowns and obscurity.

    13. Steve says:

      OREGON DUCKS #!1 Best in Show, Best in Breed, Best in the West! HA HA!

      1. Tony says:

        Sadly, the Nike ducks football team is the only one in the country with a full time probation officer on the staff. Kind of reminds me of the SF Giant fans who for years ignored the fact that their hero (Barry Bonds) was a cheat.

    14. JC12345 says:

      I have never seen Texas A&M boo their own team EVER. Several of the teams on here I have personally seen do that on numerous occasions. Texas A&M = Die Hard….Other Teams = Die Hard 4, I guess.

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