40 Most Common Mistakes Men Make During Sex

You might think that you lay some serious wood on the ladies, but chances are you’re not perfect. Everyone can use either a tip or two (that’s what she said) or some practice. That’s why we had one of our female contributors pull together the 40 most common mistakes a man can make. Keep in mind that each girl is different, but these 40 things are definitely a no-no until you become a little more comfortable with the lucky lady. Once that happens, you’ve got the green light from us! Check out the 40 most common mistakes you might make in the list below.



    1. @SlogReport says:

      well even if you make these mistakes you should still slog what you do at

    2. retarded article. lots of women that i am friends with like a lot of those things. are you asking prudes?_

      1. nycbass says:

        i hear you, but that's why i said in the intro that you should wait to unleash the beast.

    3. @Commuterist says:

      This article is actually almost a word for word rip of an article that appeared in FHM about 15 years ago. Bad luck on being caught out on that, but I remember blowing gently in my girlfriends ear at the time and she thought it was weird. I didn't tell her that FHM told me to do it…

    4. Sean says:

      For a man, sex is a natural neccesity. It is the exact opposite for women. If the sexes always agreed, we would all have a massive multiplicity of offspring. Women who want it to be perfect are asking too much and dooming the race. Point to ponder.

      1. Joanne says:

        I pondered this point. Then I remembered that there IS a multiplicity of offspring. The world is currently over populated and getting worse, so I guess some guys are doing something right, though you clearly aren't one of them.

    5. […] common sex-mistakes made by […]

    6. Taylor says:

      I’m honestly proud to say I stumbled upon this while I was with my girlfriend. She read over the list, agreeed with them all and said I don’t do a single one.

    7. DrD says:

      How you can get lucky without kissing her first is beyond me. :)

    8. dan says:

      i'm sick of stupid stuff like this. men should always care about pressing all the right buttons and making her feel good. sex is a 2-way road. there should be articles that point out mistakes that girls make… and freaking teach them some good stuff.

      1. Jules says:

        There are. Plenty of them; and it's about time men learned what they were doing.

    9. NoKidsK says:

      I'm a female and I DO NOT agree with many of those things. "Not Warning Her Before You Bust a Nut", really? If you're doing your job right you should be able to tell when he's ready. "Going Too Hard", seriously where did you gather this information? No one should follow most of this advice.

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