AXE College Football Bucket List Week 3: Oklahoma vs FSU [PHOTOS, VIDEOS]

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We thought it would be hard to beat last weekend’s Notre Dame vs. Michigan game at The Big House, but then we found ourselves at the Oklahoma-FSU game in Tallahassee for one of the best tailgate experiences we’ve seen to date.

Leading up to the game, Quinn the AXE mannequin hit up GameDay, met a few Doak Show Smoke Shows, second string Stergers, and crossed off more incredible AXE College Football Bucket List items including:

Task: Ride A Motorized Cooler

Quinn was doing his thing at the ESPN College GameDay set when a motorized cooler came flying by. No joke: the girl riding the cooler was doing at least 20 MPH. When we flagged her down, she was riding a Sooner cooler, and even through Quinn was decked out in his ‘Nole pride, she was nice enough to let our crew take it for a spin. Proof that ladies love Quinn even if they’re on the opposing team.

Task: Hold A Seminole Spear

We met up with a group of FSU students who were waiting for College GameDay. One of them had a legit Seminole spear. It was basically the exactly replica of Chief Osceola’s spear. Feeling super official, Quinn became the center of attention at the ‘Noles tailgate.

Task: Find An Alumni From The Class of 1950 Or Earlier

We really wanted to meet an alumni fan from 1950 or earlier to hear stories about the good old golden days of college football. This AXE College Football Bucket List trip is a lot of fun and games, but it’s also a chance for Quinn and our crew to meet interesting football fans across America, including this guy – Chuck Oswald class of 1951. In 1950, Chuck was a junior at FSU and attended the first game at Doak Campbell Stadium.

Task: Find a Jenn Sterger Look-a-like

Jen Sterger set the standard for the hot FSU “cowgirl” in 2005. Since then, many have tried to follow in the likeness and image of the Seminole smoke show.

Task: Find Girls in Headdresses

Seminole nation is known for some of the most beautiful female football fans, especially the ones sporting big feathered headdresses. But the Florida sun was beating down with some crazy heat, so we took a lesson from Quinn’s “pit, pit, chest” deodorant bodyspray technique. It definitely helped…

Task: Partake In A Tailgate Field Goal Kicking Contest

A tailgate isn’t a tailgate without some good scrimmage plays, so Quinn wanted to have a field goal kicking contest with the fans. He even offered to serve as the uprights when two FSU students challenged Lauren from AXE. These two guys thought for sure Lauren didn’t stand a chance, until Lauren split the uprights on her first try, winning the contest.

Task: Bargain For A $5 Shirt

Street vendors run rampant around any big tailgate scene, so we wanted to test out our bargaining skills. We managed to barter for two t-shirts with two separate vendors for $5.00. Double win.

Task: Get On The Jumbotron

After playing Quinn’s AXE commercial on the jumbotron, the stadium went crazy welcoming Quinn to Doak Campbell Stadium. Thousands of screaming ‘Noles cheered and did the Tomahawk chop with him.

Stay tuned as we’re off to Arizona for ASU’s showdown with USC. Keep following @COEDMagazine and @AXE on Twitter to hear about where we go next – #ForTheQuinn.