Are These Leaked Nude Pics of Scarlett Johansson?

Back before The Green Lantern hit theaters pics of a naked girl who appeared to be Blake Liveley leaked all over the internet’s face. Then today we come to find out a couple pics of a nude girl who appears to be Scarlet Johansson have hit the webz. We first caught wind of them on Buzzfeed who sourced Reddit. In the Buzzfeed piece, they played sleuth and suggested that the busty A-lister’s phone was hacked in March. That prompts me to ask why would anyone wait this long to post them. Then I remember that Hollywood uses sex tapes and leaked nude pics to promote movies. Funny thing is ScarJo’s next movie is “We Bought A Zoo” , which is currently in post-production and won’t be released ’til Christmastime. Well, Merry XXX-mas, y’allĀ  – here are some choice pics of the delighfutl Dane-Pole without clothes.


SOURCES: Reddit via Buzzfeed

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