21 Sexiest Russian Models [PHOTOS]

On September 14th in 1917, Russia was officially proclaimed a republic. The Russian Republic was a short-lived political entity occupying the territory of the former Russian Empire during the 1917 struggle for power that ended with the October Revolution and established the Soviet regime. Without the Soviet Union, we wouldn’t have had that awesome Beatles song Back in the USSR, or any of the Cold War movies of the 80s/90s – War Games, Hunt For Red October, Red Dawn, Red Heat, or Rocky IV. The entertainment industry would’ve been f***ed! Fortunately, we didn’t nuke each other and ladies like the ones you’re about to see were allowed to grow and grace us with their hotness and their impossible-to-pronounce last names, which make mes wonder if Jay-Z (H.O.V.A.) is a rooskie.



    1. […] the Soviet regime. Without the Soviet Union, we wouldn’t have had that aweso… Via: 21 Sexiest Russian Models [PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    2. […] Sexiest Russian Models [ COED Mag] […]

    3. Jim says:

      I had no idea that you have some really photogenic and beautiful models. I'm looking to find a person in Russia who can help me with the translation and has an interest in filmmaking. I'm looking to shoot a short film, to find female actors and models to play in it. The models/actresses should be very attractive, slim, fit, from 5" 5" to 5" 11" tall. The second project is to shoot a reality show (3 episodes) to sell to studios. All actresses and models must submit detailed info and picturs for consideration via email to . Thanks for the eye opener!!!!

    4. johnson says:

      can i join with sexiest model

    5. lisa says:

      You forgot Sasha Markina.

    6. santosh patil says:

      good models

    7. angelo ventura says:

      Very hot ladies.

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