The 30 Frattiest Schools In America: Who’s #1? [POLL]

A while back we presented you guys with a guide to determining whether or not your school is “frat”. We also showed you the Fratossary – a glossary of frat terms and lingo to help you blend in at the house – and a complete guide to frat guys. By now, you should all be experts on what it takes to be frat. Now, we take a look at the frattiest schools and ask you to vote for the one who out-frats them all. Check out the full rundown then vote in our poll at the bottom of the post. NERDS!

UPDATE: Some of you don’t understand how our slideshow works. When you see “1 of 30” that means the first slide of 30 slides. Unless there’s a number directly next to the Title, it’s NOT the ranking. This list is in alphabetical order, not ranked.



    1. Big Green says:

      Is this a freaking joke? Since when did Dartmouth only have 6 fraternities? and What? The college tried to buy up all the houses? that's true for only a few of them. About half of the fraternities are college-owned while the rest are owned by the actual members of the fraternities. Do your research dude. You pitiful man.

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        You just got Punk'd.

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    3. Bryan says:

      This is crap, you have to compare the size of the school to the number of frats and people involved.

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        no you don't.

    4. Yo Mammy says:

      Really? No Wisconsin, Boston, or Minnesota, try again.

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        Boston what? College? University?

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    6. Abroham Lincoln says:

      So is it Alabama or Alabama-Birmingham? The title says Alabama-Birmingham, but the picture and "ROLL TIDE" suggest that it's Alabama, which is in Tuscaloosa. Help me out bro

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        nice catch, BRO

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    8. Mitchell says:

      CU Boulder needs to be on this list for the simple fact that everyone but the frat bros hate the frats. CU’s frats have such a bad reputation for douchebauchery that people have made there own fake anti-frat’s to mock the real ones and that even some of the broiest club teams (i.e. rugby and lacrosse) will go out of their way to badmouth the frats to anyone who will listen.

      P.S. Who hasn’t seen or heard of the Gordie Bailey anti-drinking video they show at freshman orientations all of the US?

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    10. Chad says:

      How hard is it to get a real number? About 20 Frats? 15+ Houses? This is some lazy writing.

      1. Eric says:

        i'm really glad my name isnt chad

    11. Man Wall says:

      This isn't something that can be decided by poll. Drink off.

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    13. Fratstar says:

      I go to Arizona State and I am in a fraternity so I can tell you our Greek life blows thanks to our anti Greek president. We don't deserve to be number one. There are no more houses on Greek row and no one dresses fratty. It's like an underground civilization here, you don't see it. Sure we have a lot of students and we have a lot of parties but they're mostly gdi parties. We have 70,000 students and only a small percentage of that is Greek.

      1. Neal - Johns Hopkins says:

        You're not number one, dude. Didn't you read the article? The list is in alphabetical order.

    14. ISmiley says:

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