30 Sexiest Photos of Rachel Bilson For Her 30th Birthday!

I was a huge fan of The OC. I’m not ashamed to say it. I kind of lost interest after the second or third season (whichever one was after Olivia Wilde left). Those were HARD times for me – extra triple emphasis on HARD – because to have to choose between Summer (Bilson) and the f***ing on fire bisexual bartender (Wilde) is the most enviable of decisions. Why they both wanted friggin’ Adam Brody is beyond me, but hats off to the quipping, quirky kid who gave comic book geeks hope. Anyway, there are two camps when it comes to Rachel – some think she’s “cute” (haterz) while others (me) think she’s one of the hottest girls on the face of the planet. August 25th is her b-day, so as my gift to her I’m giving you her sexiest photos. Happy birthday, RB! We should get Magnum ice cream bars sometime…

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