Wrap It Up: PETA’s Launching A Porn Site Edition

I mean, it’s the logical move.

The Raiders drafted Terrelle Pryor. Probably the most fitting player-team pairing ever. Meanwhile, their fans are too busy brawling with 49ers fans.

Watch 8 years of construction on the 9/11 memorial in 90 seconds. We highly recommend the 9/11 memorial wine while watching.

We also suggest watching this video of a ’72 Datsun electric car CRUSH a Maserati…

Brad Pitt’s assistant is hot.

Joe Namath loves wet cheerleaders.

Sign found at Penn State's freshman move in day

Bruce Wayne enjoys calls from telemarketers. He also enjoys these superhero sex moves.

Kudos to Andy Levy for being the bigger man and apologizing for his mean tweet to Chris Brown.

Wanna barf? Pick up a copy of the placenta cookbook.

Wanna have nightmares? Look at these pics.

Wanna lose your security deposit on your apartment? Do this.

Some dude slapped a quadriplegic across the face with a dead fish who was wheel-chairing all over his lawn.

Marriage makes women fat.

Scientists are making alligator-chickens.

Peace out, bitches!

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