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Throne Watching with Otis, Forgetting the Toni’s, Ducking Narc’s [SONGS OF THE WEEK]

Hope ya’ll are staying cool this week. Last week the voting public gave the championship belt to Incubus, whose “Promises, Promises” must have resonated with people’s souls. Or many of you may have been just dealing with some emotional drama last week. Regardless, I’m excited about this week’s tunes. I know everyone is going b-a-n-a-n-a-s over this whole debt crisis, but it’s “Watch the Throne” week! Doesn’t that make you excited? I was pretty happy to finally hear the album on Monday, and let’s just say that I’m impressed. I think it’s gonna be a tough vote this week COED. Let me know your thoughts. Here are Al Jones’ Songs of the Week.

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