The 16 Finest Frat Castles In All The Land [PHOTOS]

A fraternity needs a castle if they want to truly be considered the kings of campus. We searched all around, high and low, east to west, to find the best frat castles the United States of America has to offer. These pictures not only draw wonder and amazement, but also prompt some questions. How many slam-pigs have been taken inside these walls? How many pledge-f*cks does it takes to clean up after a crazy CEOs and Corporate Hoes party? Why the h*ll didn’t I go to one of these schools? Check out the best abodes to bro out below.



    1. anonymous says:

      Frat Castle 4 is SAE at the University of Michigan

    2. Frat Castle 1 is SKULLS at Purdue

      1. Paolo says:

        Boiler up. They didn't get my true art of the double frat benches up there!

      2. fratfratfrat says:

        No, its Phi Sigma Kappa at Cornell

    3. Anon says:

      Frat Castle 3 is Beta at Kansas State

      1. KSU says:

        Hell yea it is! Gamma Epsilon baby. Magical place

    4. Anon says:

      Frat Castle 3 is Acacia at Indiana
      Frat Castle 2 is SAE at Michigan

      1. Ben Ching says:

        # 2 is Phi Psi at Ohio State brah

    5. Paul says:

      Pike at FSU has the largest house in the nation. Its lack of inclusion on this list is reprehensible.

      1. John says:

        so is the use of the word reprehensible

    6. Jake Harris says:

      Frat Castle 11 Is Fiji at the The University of Oklahoma.

      1. Hollywood says:


    7. Anon says:

      Live or Die, Kappa Sig!!!

      1. megano layda says:

        i swear to live and die as a fully blooded megans

    8. anon says:

      Love the idea but a little short on the execution. DKE and Phi Sig aren't even top 3 in terms of nicest houses at Cornell.

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