The 10 Most Underrated Party Schools In The USA [VIDEOS, POLL]

For 4 years (sometimes 5), you rep your school harder than your body can handle; drinking and partying more than you ever thought possible. When you visit other schools, they just don’t compare to your alma mater’s ‘A Game’. Unless one of those schools is on Playboy’s Top 10 Party Schools list. Year in and year out the well-known party professionals like USC, Texas, ASU, and PSU hog the limelight while lesser-known schools get overlooked. Until today. For all of our overachievers that never got the recognition they deserved, here’s our list of the 10 Most Unappreciated Party Schools in the USA. Check it out then vote in our poll below.



    1. tmosupremo says:

      it's actually georgia southern,not georgia state.Judging by the tags I can see it's just a typo.

      1. James - University of Texas says:

        Thanks for the catch tmosupremo.

    2. Krastl says:


    3. Krastl says:

      John Massie goes to UD so it's gotta be the top party school.

    4. Jaytee says:

      Whoa, whoa, whoa. Testicle Festival is held in Clinton, only 22 miles from Missoula, where the REAL best school in the state (University of Montana) is. Don't put them dirty pussy cats on this list.

    5. daddy says:

      I hear this kid named Darrell Tibbs goes pretty hard at UD….look him up

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    7. name says:

      Dayton Ghetto. nuf said.

    8. krastl2 says:

      krastl and his 2 liters of pepsi helped get Dayton to the top of the polls

    9. NumeroUno says:

      Dayton might be winning, but let's be honest… it's still Ohio. BTW, GO BACK TO OHIO – Charleston, SC.

    10. POPcycle says:

      Oneonta shits on all these bitch-ass schools


    11. john says:

      theres much better suny schools for partying than oneonta

      1. alia says:

        yea ok

      2. Mike says:

        come visit oneonta…prob wont even make it out alive

      3. Joe says:

        HAHAHAH! sorry just had to laugh at that one

      4. Kris says:

        hahahaah a better suny school for partying? hahahha im with joe, mike and alia on this one.

      5. Andrew says:

        The only one close would be Oswego – Oneonta still blows that out of the water, though.

      6. Tom says:

        lmfao name 3

    12. goflyers says:

      is someone making fun of ohio from south carolina? You can't even speak right down there, and the only people without web toes are the tourists, and ohio state isn't our rival, its ou if they were talking about party schools.

      1. Paul says:

        Are you really claiming Ohio is better than Charleston? Literally the worst state ever. And by ever I mean EVER. Even Lebron hates you guys

      2. NUMEROUNO says:

        Yeah, I'm making fun of Ohio. The only good thing that came out of that state is Golden Bear.
        A) "Y'all" is more proper than "you guys". B) What the fuck is pop? We call it soda. C) Great weather year round. D) Not only does Charleston have 3+ girls to every 1 guy, they are actually gorgeous. I don't care what the pigs or cows from Ohio look like.

        South Carolina shits on your state any day of the week.

    13. Playboy Magazine says:

      "The University of Dayton is no longer rated in our top annual party schools list because we feel that it is unfair to include professionals in a list of amateurs."
      ~Playboy Magazine

    14. suckit says:

      gettysburg's video is all frat. UD's is just a fucking rager

    15. nycbass says:

      Gettysburg College = three words. Mother. Fucking. Water. Parties.

      1. .... says:

        Thats. . four… . . . nevermind..

    16. NewOrleansWave says:

      you should be embarrassed for using such outdated videos.

      1. nycbass says:

        feel free to suggest newer ones, i'll throw it those up instead

    17. erin says:

      the university of dayton gets it done………… plus everything is free…. thats crazy

    18. Ulysses S. Grant says:

      Everyone from South Carolina has the most ridiculous sense of entitlement. Fucking south…please recede. Please.

    19. udclassof2014 says:

      lol i'm happy i saw this. #fuckwillmarsh go flyers

      1. Super Flyer says:

        Will Marsh, so uncool even the other education majors wont chill with him

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