The 18 Losingest Teams In Major League Baseball [SUCK IT, PHILLY]

July 15th marks the anniversary of the Philadelphia Phillies losing their record 10,000th game, which at the time was the most in MLB history. A quick check of the books shows that despite their recent streak of consecutive division titles and playoff appearances they still hold that top spot for losingest pro baseball team of all-time. Of course, losingest can be taken in a variety of ways – could mean most losses or it could mean worst win/loss percentage. So, we’ve taken both into consideration when running down the losingest teams of all-time, past and present. Check out the full rundown below.

SOURCE: Baseball Reference



    1. LRay2715 says:

      Take it from a Mets Fan to leave his own horrible team out. The 5th worst win lost record in MLB history is owned by the 1962 Mets. They were 40-120 and were over 60 games behind first place. Hahaha, the way things are going with their lovely ownership, I'm expecting a run at the record within the next couple of years. Can't wait for the future face of your franchise to be a guy named Dickey.

    2. ... says:

      Hahaha. As a Phillies fan I can't tell you how comforting it is to know that the Mets are a joke compared to the best team in baseball. We're starting a stranglehold of our own on the NL East and it started with your pathetic team choking down the stretch 2 years in a row while we dominated teams in September. Who cares about 100 years ago when we're the best now? By the way, did you enjoy losing 2 of 3 against the back of our rotation? And have fun losing Reyes and Beltran before next season, where the Mets will undoubtedly finish in last place

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