The Girls of Playboy’s REAL Top Party School The University of Western Ontario [73 PICS]

Back in mid-to-late April, Playboy released their annual list of the Top Party Schools, which appears in the May 2011 issue. The rundown featured a couple familiar “faces” like Wisconsin, UT-Austin and Georgia along with a couple newcomers like Colorado and… The University of Western Ontario? Playboy’s notorious for throwing at least one curveball at us each time they release the rankings, so we decided to dig a little deeper to see just what made this school the place to party. We embedded a poll asking you guys who should be the top party school and it seems Playboys knows their sh*t, UWO got an astonishing 43% of the total vote, far outpacing Colorado and Penn State tied at #2. We also got some very interesting comments…

why is there a wtf? next to UWO?? if you have to ask “wtf” then clearly you haven’t a) been to western or b) partied with someone from western

Charlie Sheen would have died a freshman at The University of F*ckin’ Western Ontario

uwo is the only place to be. as an american who moved to canada, and goes there, and is currently about to party with some UT @ austin students, they look lame as f*ck. plus Canadian girls are much better looking. smarter too.

So, what makes UWO the S-H-*-T? Check out some of their hottest student bodies, their hottest cheerleader, and a girl who goes by the name “The Saugeen Stripper” below.

The Girls

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    The Cheerleaders

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      The Saugeen Stripper

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