Hotties Holding AK-47s on the 64th Birthday of the World’s Deadliest Assault Rifle [PHOTOS]

On July 6th, 1947 the AK-47 went into production in the Soviet Union. During the Cold War, it was the weapon of choice for the Soviets and their allies. In 2004, a museum opened in its honor, named after the gun’s designer Mikhail Kalashnikov. It’s probably one of the better known assault rifles ever made – to the point where any novice to the gun trade thinks any and all assault rifles are AK-47s. So, we’ve manufactured this rapid fire gallery of hot chicks toting AK-47s (and other assault rifle models) and offbeat AK-47 themed pics. But, if you’re looking for the weed strain, we know a guy who knows a guy. Check out the pics below.



    1. Artoxx says:

      So without being so anal as to go through and individually identify and enumerate all the guns in each and every photo, there are a SHITLOAD of pics in this where there are NO AK-47's at all, and a serious percentage of the so called hotties, are disgusting slags at best. (the 400 lb bride comes to mind) Most of the NON-AK guns are AMERICAN in manufacture or at least origin. (The .50cal sniper rifle and schlode of AR-15/M-16 clones for example) Did you even research your article or just randomly find females holding guns and call them by the generic term of "AK-47"? To be really picky, there is at least one pic of an AK-74, which is different than an AK-47, but at least russian in origin and invented by the same guy.
      Good grief.

    2. Artoxx says:

      I could forgive you if you had just said Girls with Assault Weapons in honor of the AK-47, though that term is ridiculously inaccurate and overused, OR if you had at least made sure that ALL the chicks were hotties, but you have offended my sensibilities on so many levels, I just could not let it slide.
      I know you are probably saying something to the effect of "Fuck you" towards me at this point, but really, either it is about HOTTIES holding AK-47's, or it is NOT, and believe me this is NOT!

      1. James - University of Texas says:

        Fair enough Artoxx- point well taken. Hotties with assault rifles is more appropriate.

    3. Shorthairlover says:

      Some aren't hotties. 14 comes to mind.
      Others aren't wielding AK's or even weapons that LOOK like AK's like in 3 and 4.

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