Colossal Cleavage Collection: Sexy South Korean Edition [91 PHOTOS]

The LA Times reported this morning (July 6th) that the South Korean city of Pyeongchang was awarded hosting duties for the 2018 Winter Olympics. We’ve all heard the reports about what goes down at these events – elite athlete on elite athlete sexy time. These superhumans push themselves to the limits then push (and pull) each other on and off the field or rink. To get Team America (f*ck yeah) pumped up for the trip we put together this photo gallery of South Korean colossal cleavage. Go for the gold (but not the golden shower), guys!



    1. FNG says:

      One of these girls is Nina Minami. She's clearly Japanese. Not Korean.

      Fail. Not all Asians are alike.

    2. Gern says:

      Can't wait for the North Korean version!

    3. Luke says:

      yea quite a few aint korean

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    5. Korean says:

      MOST of these girls are not korean. you guys suck

    6. america? says:

      tru some are Japanese. do you people ever learn that not all asians are the same?

    7. James - University of Texas says:

      Nina Minami is part Japanese but she is also part Korean. Many of these girls are multiple nationalities. We do not claim that these girls are 100% South Korean. And no. Not all Asians are alike.

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    11. What in the hell... says:

      Elly Tran popped up like 10 times on that wall, and she's Vietnamese. She has done promo in Korea to promote games, and movies, but that doesn't make her Korean. I don't think LeBron James promoting shoes in China makes him Chinese now does it?

    12. Oelle says:

      Most of the girls shown here are Japanese and other Asian nationalities… Do not claim this is a South Korean Edition… Not all Asians are Korean and not all Asians look alike! get your facts straight and don't assume without educating yourself.

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