[98 PHOTOS] Courtney Alexis Stodden – 16, Marries 51-Year-Old Actor Doug Hutchison

We’re pretty open-minded here at COED; it takes a lot to shock us. But every once in a while, a news item dances by our desk that makes us pull a double take. In this case, it might even be a triple. First, is the fat that this dude is 51 and has the balls to marry a 16-year-old. Second is the fact that this is the OLDEST looking 16-year-old (sans aging disease or disorder), we’ve EVER seen. Just take a look at the pics and video we found below and vote in our poll. We’re thinking someone made a mistake and they’ve been DATING for 16 years and she’s actually 32. Not AS creepy, but still WTF.

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    1. itstrue says:

      she really is 16. grew up in her hometown.

    2. Jeaentt says:

      Sorry but she looks to be too old for 16…26 maybe 36 is more like it.

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    4. Jecca says:

      Oh my, sooo I love how her parents say she is "a good christian girl" but 16 year old "good christian" girls don't pose for pics the way she does… And second, that GIRL has waaaay to much make up on. I believe she's 16 just by the video. She acts young. That's disgusting.

    5. jazzercise says:

      I don't think anybody but a 16 year old could come up with such a childish song. I actually feel quit sorry for her. She looks like a damn fool and doesn't even realize it.

    6. […] and she’s actually 32. Not AS creepy, but still WTF. See what we mean after the jump. Via: 16 Year-Old Courtney Alexis Stodden Marries 51-Year-Old Actor Doug Hutchison [98 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

    7. Ha ha says:

      Am I the only one that noticed shes on a weedy lake in an 80's model boat?
      Friends in real high places

      1. haha2 says:

        In all seriousness, I was laughing at trashy cheap stuff she is wearing (and I live in a fkn trailer mind you)– the broken down 1970s-1980s style pontoon boat on the shore?

        — what about the huge American flag, def adds a little redneck to the video
        –or the non-breed mutt dog that looks horrendous, esp with the fake pink dye in its hair (good god!)
        –or the $1 plastic pink beer bong cup

        but yeah, the worst part is the lake. And it doesn't even look like a lake. It looks like the manmade pond in the back of my local walmart. SERIOUSLY, no joke.

        facepalm, what a loser wannabe hahahahha

    8. Denise says:

      You've got to be kidding me that a parents would allow their 16 year old girl to pose for such pics… WHERE are this kid's parents?!?! :-(
      If she is 16, she looks to have done some very hard living…. guess she thinks it's cool in her misguided mindset. Sad.
      Don't even get me started on him… almost old enough to be her grandfather, apparently having a mid-life crisis… not a marriage likely to last… if it's even legal.

    9. Heather says:

      16 year old are supposed to look fresh and young! She looks like shes had too much booze, drugs and sex. Def some hard living. Nothing about her looks natural. Very, very sad that a man 35 years her senior would think its okay to have a relationship with someone who is so obviously immature. And her parents approved of this? Where is the adult in this girl's (woman's?) life??

    10. LauRena says:

      She looks like a 35+ years old and lived a hard life at that. Rode hard and put away wet. Yikes. I would think that this is all a publicity stunt and that really she is 40 years old but when you watch her horrific video you can tell how immature she is by her mannerisms. I guess she is just a nasty looking child. That being said she is still a child and how sad her family just sold her off. Her pics are kiddie porn but it is confusing because she looks so old. There is A LOT of dysfunction going on here.

    11. Snu says:

      Interesting, in the video, she really looks like 16 or even just 15 years. But at many pictures she looks like 35 years, very strange.

    12. Someone says:

      She looks 25+ and he looks 35+
      I think they're both lying. She's beautiful though, but only her looks; singing voice is another matter.

    13. Donna says:

      If she's 16 years old, I'm a monkey's uncle.

    14. Snu says:

      The date of the video on youtube is July 2010, so she was 15 at that stage. She must had a very hard year that she aged so much.

      1. Ann says:

        Yeah, it's her "Christian" up bringing that aged her.

    15. concerned for courtney says:

      do christians marry 51 year olds?
      can hutch go to jail for that?

      this is wrong on so many levels.

      1. Brian says:

        What's it go to do with Christians?

    16. […] and she’s actually 32. Not AS creepy, but still WTF. See what we mean after the jump. Via: 16 Year-Old Courtney Alexis Stodden Marries 51-Year-Old Actor Doug Hutchison [98 PHOTOS] (COED Magazine » […]

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    18. icr1984 says:

      If they have sex in California it is illegal.

    19. GMoney says:

      she looks like some 40 year old used up hooker

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